Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Penelope didn't make it...

I tried rescuing a mourning Dove we nicknamed Penelope. I saw her attacked by a crow on Sunday morning and after the crow left I went out there and picked her up. She seemed a bit dazed but she was later eating and looked good. She tried to fly but couldn't get far off the ground. Her wings weren't broken and I saw no external injuries. Susan Johnson who runs Jungrala Wildife Sanctuary near us told me to keep her protected and plenty of food and water and she may be ok in a day or two. Susan and I both thought she was just a bit shocked and needed some quiet and rest.
Got home from work yesterday and checked on her, and she was gone--not gone away, but dead, with ants on her, such a sad sight. I do not think the ants are what killed her, I think she just went sometime in the night. She must have already gone the night before because she sat upright in the same spot I saw her in that morning when we left for work. I'd peeked inside the box and thought she was sleeping. We couldn't bring her inside because of the cats so we placed her in a nice big box which lay on it's side with a towel in there for comfort and a towel over the open side to keep it dark in there. She could go in and out as she pleased and had plenty of food and water and I noticed she'd even eaten a little. But she died standing up, in the corner of the box.

We washed her off and wrapped her up and buried her under the gardenia bushes.

This morning on the way to work we saw one of "our" deer laying on the side of the road just up from our house, some asshole driving too fast had hit her.

Over the years I've realized I can only do so much and beyond that it's just out of my hands.


  1. ...under the gardinia bush is a nice place to stay...

  2. Anonymous5/13/2008

    Hello again, Jess -

    I'm sorry to read about Penelope. I love animals, too. And we have deer all around as well, which I enjoy, but it's hard to watch when they're hurt. Anyway, just wanted to send my sympathies. Cheers -

  3. awwwww - that's really sad.

  4. I'm so sorry Penelope didn't survive. I think she may have had internal injuries that weren't evident by checking her. Our backyard birds are all so fragile. I've rescued several cardinals and doves from the talons of hawks over the years. Some have made it and others haven't. You know your old mom, it breaks my heart to lose even one small life, but I always try again. I'm so proud that I raised children who respect wildlife, and all living creatures in general. Do what you can sweetheart, and leave the rest to God.