Sunday, May 04, 2008

Honest, I didn't ask for the gift...

It's pretty sad when you take an online "Smokey and the Bandit" trivia contest and get every single question right. What does that say if I know ever single line of the movie as well as who said them? I mean hey it's kinda neat but really what actual USE is this in real life?


It's always been like that for me when it comes to movies, television shows or old time radio. I wasn't raised on too much television, I think that we three kids received a fair amount of it but not too much. And yet somehow I know so much about it. My parents didn't plop us in front of the television so they didn't have to keep an eye on us, television was not our substitute parent or our babysitter. I don't think my parents were over exposed, it's just that being baby boomers, it was a big era for tv, radio and film. I guess I just picked up the appreciation for it. I have this annoying ability (oh yes it's annoying to those who don't possess the talent!) to recognize voices and faces and associate them with the movies they were in as well as just knowing a lot of useless friggin trivia associated with the film. This great gift seems to be more prevalent with the 30's through 70's era.

DH and I will be watching a movie and there's a character actor we've both seen and I'll tell DH "ooh see that guy-- well he's the guy who starred in (insert movie here) that we watched the other night and his character (insert character name here) was the one that killed off (insert other character here) who was in (insert movie here) with that guy you like (insert actor's name) here who was in (insert film here)."

Can you see how this could be annoying to a non-gifted person? This happens quite a bit. I can't help it. Of course I'm sure it drives DH crazy but I can't help it. Now my parents? They understand it. That's because I get the sickness from them. You see, at their house it's a whole different story. We'll be watching a family favorite like The Godfather, Jaws, El Dorado or Midnight Run and we could do every line in those movies. I mean what's the point of having sound when you have us? Just turn it down and mom, dad and I can do the lines for you. Of course no, we're not as famous or as entertaining (unless the insanity of what we're actually doing can be considered entertainment) but still...we do and we do it well.

It's like circus freaks only we're not in a circus, just watching television.

It really is a sickness because I can't help it and it pops up without warning. There's absolutely no telling when that gift is going to reveal itself. For instance just the other day I was calling my husband's work to let them know he wouldn't be in and unfortunately when his boss picked up the phone it went something like this:

DH's Boss: Hello?

Me: Is this moron #1? Put moron #2 on the phone.

See what I mean?

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  1. LMAO!! It's so true! We can't help it, I think it's a gift!!