Wednesday, May 07, 2008

So much for the mini-vacation!

Well imagine my surprise when I checked my course schedules for CFCC and TCC and found out classes began 5/6 and 5/7 respectively! I forgot not all colleges in Florida are on the same schedule. So much for a mini-vacation from classes! Exams end one week, classes begin the next.

I'm taking a World Civilizations course at CFCC which covers ancient history to the 16th century and I'm taking a Topics in Math course at TCC in which we cover stats, probability, logic, geometry and cool things like that. Yes, something other than algebra thank goodness! Since Santa Fe didn't have what I needed this term (seems like summer offerings for full time working students are scarce these days) I had to do these two courses via transient status at the other two colleges--online. I've got my binders put together for each course, dividers labeled and sections divided by test area, syllabus and other course info placed in their protective sheets and everything organized for each course.

My history prof asked us to submit four choices from a list of people/events that we would want to do research on and he'll pick one for us from those choices to make sure no two people have the same topic. My four from the list were Joan of Arc, Charlemagne, Martin Luther and Galileo.

The math is interesting, right now we're learning conversion of the metric system.

Anyway, that's it for now, goodbye spring term, hello summer. But look at it this way, in December I'll be a college graduate--well the first stage of it at least!


  1. Jess, You GO GIRL!!! I was going to take some summer classes and then it hit me.. VEGAS would miss me!!! lol

    I usually travel all summer long, but this year, I think I am going to 3 places and call it a trip!! Good Luck with your classes. I love history...College grad? WOW

  2. Phew! Good luck with the classes--I know summer is not the optimal time to be in a classroom BUT keep your focus on December!