Friday, May 09, 2008

Warning...none of these topics are related!

-->My brother who lives in Ocala had to be rushed to the hospital a few days ago for what turned out to be an emergency surgery for diverticulitis. Poor mom was worried to pieces but now she feels much better. My sister in law was a few hours away when it happened so she had to hurry to get back home. I can't imagine her worry! The good news is he'll be just fine, the bad is that he'll have to wear a colostomy bag for a few months. Sis says she's going to try and have a little fun with him with that one. Well, at least we can all laugh---could have been worse. I'm glad, we all are that he's going to be ok!

-->My sister lives in Orlando. I miss her. She's had a rough time of it, just some poor decisions over the years, but in the midst of all that, she's done a lot of good too. She went through a period where she was on top of her game, then she began to slide. Her heart got her into trouble I guess, she really tries to see the best in people and she's drawn to people she can help and do good things for. And sometimes people have taken advantage of that. She might disagree and I don't mean that in a negative way--she's just a good person who wants to love and be loved. But little does she know HOW MANY PEOPLE CARE ABOUT HER!!! If you knew her, you couldn't help but like her!

What a scumbag. UF Football player Jamar Hornsby has been using the BP credit card of the late Ashley Slonina since her death last October. Ashley and her friend Michael Guilford who was a UF walk-on player, were both killed last year in a motorcycle accident. The credit card bills have been sent to her family since he began using the card after her death.

-->Bellsouth sucks. I know I know I said it the other day but it's gotten worse so somebody there must have read my post. This dialup connection is getting worse. I have tried everything, even updating our PC's to Windows XP Service Pack 3. And I'm doing online courses this term. What am I supposed to do? I can't do them at work, well I can but during lunch, I mean shit, I have work to do. Why can't they offer DSL here? And shit even if they did, that would suck too.

-->I listen to talk radio and this morning's top of the hour ABC news reports began with a blurb about Jenna Bush's wedding to take place tomorrow. Each time, the radio anchor kept inserting snide comments to open the story. Ok fine, you don't like her father, but leave Jenna alone, let her get married and keep your snide, petty bullshit comments to yourself.

-->Assassinate the JUNTA in Myanmar. I've got no problem with somebody taking every one of those mofo's in the government out with a sniper rifle. The bastard leader of Myanmar Thein Sein is busy handing out electronic equipment as part of the relief effort. Millions of people are without food, water, electricity, and basic necessities, the last thing they need is electronic equipment. Now the government is seizing relief supplies and stockpiling them--not distributing them. I heard the UN is drafting a "strongly worded" letter to Sein and his government. Well you know how much impact that will have eh? It's just a travesty. I feel for those people. Right now I'm not donating until I know the supplies are actually being given to the people because I'll be damned if I'm going to support the fat cats in the Myanmar government. Of course nobody in the Myanmar government is doing anything today because it's a national holiday. Meanwhile people are starving to death. Such a terrible thing. I've got no problem with anyone forcing their way into that country to help those people, we'll just see who has the guts to lead that effort.

-->UF prefers to throw away cardboard boxes rather than let employees take them home. Why? I don't know--who the hell makes up these rules? It's just following "procedure" which IMO is just a bullshit way of avoiding actually having to take responsibility and make a rational decision based on circumstances. You know, like zero tolerance. If we establish "procedure" then nobody has to think, you just follow, like lemmings.

-->I heard this morning on the news that Congress is trying to pass this dumbass legislation allowing the poor souls who got themselves into bullshit mortgages they can't afford, to refinance with lower fixed interest government-backed loans. Hey I've said this before--owning a home is not a right. It's not for everyone. People need to be informed, they need to understand fixed vs. variable rates, they need to understand the true cost of owning a home isn't just a simple mortgage payment, it includes interest, fees, insurance, maintenance and taxes.

-->DH and I will receive our economic stimulus check via direct deposit near middle or end of May. I told DH he could have it to take his trip to Pennsylvania in August. He's from there and wants to go back and get the rest of his shit in his mother's attic that's been there for years now. And he wants to see his mom, sister, grandmother, brother and one of his aunts. He always wants to see a few old friends and do some genealogy research. I get so damn irritated when I hear the government promoting we all go on a shopping spree. You mean to tell me that you gave me back some of my hard earned money so I can go on a shopping spree? IN THE MIDDLE OF A FRIGGIN' RECESSION? If DH weren't going on the trip we would have put this money towards our credit cards. People NEED to get out of DEBT! They also need to do something called SAVE!!!! Why? Because SAVING money actually stimulates the economy. It becomes capital that others use to start businesses, buy homes, cars, so many things. Most people I know are not going on shopping sprees to Walmart or Target. They are either taking a family trip they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford, or they are getting a new roof or getting some other repair on their home, or just plain doing something constructive with it that helps them in the long run. I know very very few people who plan to take their hundreds of dollars to Wal Mart or Target to put more money into the military run government of China.

-->And finally, PLEASE do not support the windfall profits tax!

98.5% of oil company stocks is owned by individual investors and index or mutual or pension funds. The windfall profits tax will result in higher fuel prices and lower dividends for stockholders. Go back a few days in my blog and you will see the chart and read the information about just how much oil corporations pay in taxes. They still pay MORE in taxes overall than they make in profit! Do not buy into the gas tax holiday and do not buy into the windfall profits tax. It will do much much more harm than any good the politicians claim!

And as they say "that's all I have to say about that".


  1. We received our Stimulus check today which was the minimum, and WASN'T what we read we would get! So plans for the new roof have just gone out the window for now.

  2. That sucks. We checked the status of ours the other day on IRS.Gov and we had to enter the number of exemptions (2) and Vin's social and it told us it would be $1200. I wonder why you got less---!