Monday, June 30, 2008

Last night I had the big dream...the death dream.

During my sleep last night, I had several strange dreams but this one is the most peculiar and I believe it is the first time I ever dreamed that I actually died.

I was walking down the street in jeans and a tee shirt with a long raincoat and a large black duffel back over my left shoulder. I had my keys and ATM card in my right hand. I was in a section of town where I always get lost at first then find my way eventually. I was looking for the address of one of my hispanic students who borrowed my car weeks earlier but had not yet returned it. I knew nothing happened to it, I just needed it back as I was using a borrowed car myself in the meantime. I am lost in this certain part of town and I walk past these men who looked like they might be the seedy types--in gangs or on drugs or soemthing and one asks me for money. I think he wanted change but all I wanted was to get out of there. I said "no I don't have any money" and then quickly walked past him. As I passed a second man, a black man who looked at me rather angrily, I clutched my keys tighter and then all the sudden I had this bad feeling and felt something buzz my head, just touching the top, like it was whizzing by. I fell to the ground with my face down but my eyes were open and I was aware. He stole my duffel bag but did not see my keys and ATM card in my right hand, then he fled. I lay there for what seemed an eternity then I got up and ran for help. I felt my head but there was no blood. I ran through this building where there was a maze of offices and I was afraid I would run into the perp who shot me. Finally I found an open area which led to an office and a front door leading outside. In that front office If found a man and told him what happened. He said something like "we tried...but you were dead" and that's when I realized I was dead.

It made sense, no wonder there was no blood. I recall feeling my head several times and there was no blood and I thought that was odd.

Fast forward to a memorial service, or actually what I think was one. I was outside some building looking at something in concrete and someone was telling me that my mother decided not to go to the service and my dad had also decided not to go because it was too hard for them.

I think I looked up and saw blue sky. I remember thinking "this isn't supposed to happen to me".

Then I woke up.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

If DC v. Heller had gone the other way...

Can you imagine the fallout?

In my opinion, the Second Amendment is the glue that holds the Constitution together. Think about it. If it were not for the Second Amendment, we the people would have no protection against a hostile, totalitarian and tyrannical government.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not sure yet what I think about the state of Florida's proposed buyout of US Sugar

From an environmental point of view, this native South Floridian thinks it's a great idea however from a political point of view, I don't like the idea of the Governor offering taxpayer dollars to buyout companies, with huge payouts to shareholders and the layoff of thousands of employees. First US Sugar, who is next?

I'm a bit torn on this. I'll tell you one thing though, one of the reasons the Everglades is a mess is because of companies like US Sugar as well as overdevelopment in South Florida. If they're going to bridge the Everglades with Lake Okeechobee and try to undo the environmental damage that has been done these past few decades, then they need to put a moratorium on new development and new industry because if they don't do something NOW, this purchase won't mean shit in a fifty years when the resources are depleted again.

Happy Birthday to the kid from Brooklyn


The birthday girl in curls with her
tricycle in Brooklyn, age 3

Ma aka "Smommy", "Smamasita", "Sma", "Na", "Non", "Mommie Dearest" and of course who could forget "Suzy Q" (LOL!) .... turns the big 62 today.

Ok ok, truly she's only 32 which makes me uh--holy crap--9 years old? Hmm...

Mom, happy birthday, you're the best. Speaking for ALL OF US, the world is a better place with you in it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This morning we were on our way to work when a pickup truck came up behind us rather quickly and passed us on a double solid yellow line. When the truck was about four car lengths ahead of us, I flashed my lights as I normally do when someone pulls this shit to signal that their actions were dangerous (as if they didn't already know that!). The lights didn't affect her vision because it was bright daylight outside. At that moment, and just to be an asshole, she put on her brakes, stopping in the middle of the road. To avoid possibly hitting her, I drove into the grass on the right side of the road (no way was I going to go to her left and pass her on a solid yellow line over a hill, and as I drove into the grass, she moved over towards the center of the road, then I attempted to get back on the road and she got into the right hand lane and we wound up behind her...again but she sped up and was down the road a ways.

DH got so angry about her actions on the road so he called 911 while I continued driving. His first words were "I need a g*ddamned sheriff out here now!" ok not exactly the way I would approach it but there was nothing I could do. He gave the operator the license plate number and other info about the truck and as he was talking to the operator, we wound up behind her again as there was a line of cars she got stuck behind.

I noticed that the other driver was on the phone too and she was looking in her outside rearview mirror and shouting something at me (I have no idea what she said nor do I care) and then she flipped DH the bird which he returned. I have no idea who she was calling but if she was calling the police too, she's stupid because she's the one who broke the law, she is the one who passed us dangerously in a no-passing zone. We did nothing illegal so I can only imagine what her complaint would have been....

"Officer, these assholes behind me were driving the speed limit and I was in a hurry and passed them on a double solid yellow line and I got all pissy when they flashed their lights at me so I stopped right in the middle of the road and forced them into the grass. Honest officer, I was only defending my honor!"

Anyway, DH was on the phone with the 911 operator for nearly twenty minutes while they asked him to tell them which way she was headed and that worked for awhile until *poof* out of thin air she disappeared. And so they got our address and phone and that's the end of it.

Every day on this road we travel to and from work, other people drive erratically and play games with other people's lives. I don't care what these assholes do with their lives, if they want to commit suicide by driving like an asshole, fine, but don't take others with them. DH says this morning "I think I'll start carrying a gun". He talks of taking matters into his own hands, stating that since the police can't do it maybe the citizens should.

I can understand his frustration but being more level-headed during these moments, I've warned him about the dangers of actions he suggests. My philosophy is that if faced with confrontation, if one can safely walk the other way and avoid it, one should do so. This doesn't mean I don't think that if the situation warrants it and there are no other options but to stand and fight and protect oneself and family, then one must do so. However, a person must use good judgment. There are just too many terrible life altering consequences that can come from one momentary lapse in judgment caused by anger and frustration.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Was Imus so wrong?

I love controversy, especially when the media and all the civil rights groups work themselves into a frenzy over some dumb remarks made by people they spend way too much worrying about what they say and do.

The Sporting Life news reports:

"More than a year after being fired for making racially insensitive comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team, on Monday Imus caused an uproar for comments he made regarding Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones during his 'Imus in the Morning' radio show.

During a segment about why Jones dropped his well-known nickname 'Pacman', anchor Warner Wolf told Imus that Jones had "been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005".

Imus asked, "What color is he?" and Wolf responded by saying that "he's African-American."

"Well, there you go," Imus replied. "Now we know."

Ok now, the police have interviewed Pacman Jones in regards to at least ten separate incidents in the past three years and in five of those cases, he was arrested. Normal people who mind their own business and don't get into trouble normally don't get interviewed by the police ten times nor do they get arrested five times. This is not the first time, nor the last time this kind of thing has happened in pro sports. This doesn't mean black athletes are more likely to get into trouble and break the law, but stats would show a trend. .

Imus's opinion based on what his own view of things and in America, we don't lynch a guy for his opinion, at least not yet. Imus has a right to his opinion even if we all think he's one fry short of a happy meal. Now if Imus's sponsors don't like him, fine--they can end sponsorship of his show, but the media frenzy about to be unleashed on Imus is simply bullshit.

As if there's not enough shit going on in the world that could use more coverage...

In fact, one serious issue lacking coverage comes to mind and that's how the Dubai Ports deal, which millions of Americans had protested and fought against, was approved secretly and behind our backs this weekend and without a single solitary peep from the drive-by media.

That's because they're obviously too preoccupied with the more important issues--like whether or not Imus is racist.

Oy vey.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm not altogether thrilled at the idea that public schools in this area are cutting art and music and other programs deemed "unnecessary" from their curriculums while at the same time serving breakfast and lunch at their schools during the summer. Unfortunately the schools have taken on the role as co-parent and are taking on responsibilities that traditionally have been left to parents. None of us wants children to go hungry, but is passing on the burden to the schools the answer?

I ask the question "what is the purpose of the public school?" I believe the purpose of a school is to educate children, period. However, that education shouldn't be limited to reading, writing and arithmetic. I'll admit there was a time I believed public schools should be primarily concerned with reading, writing and math, but as I got older I changed my mind about that. I realized the the importance of music, art, drama, literature, journalism and other extracurricular activities. Learning these things are vital in trying to build the kind of individual who is the future of this country.

Children spend so much of their time in school and they need to be exposed to a variety of interests and they need to be challenged. I don't believe in the "no grades" and "no points" so that kids can all feel good about themselves. I don't believe they should all be rewarded the same for their efforts either. I believe that we have to challenge these young people to work hard and put forth their very best effort so they each can find within them that thing that is extraordinary. We have to teach them that average isn't good enough, be the best you can be. There are great rewards in doing the best you can.

If you catch a child at a young age and expose them to a wide variety of things like those I mentioned above it could do extraordinary things for them. A child who does not excel in academics but is very interested in art or music or drama, could very well funnel the energies from their favorite activities into their academics, it could make them more interested, give them more confidence, make them feel more a part of things. An experience from my own life serves as an example...

When I was in high school I took an art class with Mrs. Shirley Akins , a funny lady who loved teaching art and enjoyed being around kids. She was fun and encouraged us and all the kids liked her very much. Now I'm not the artistic type but one of my finest contributions to the class was a head and neck drawing from a picture of Jaclyn Smith I cut out in a magazine. Mrs. Akins taught me about points and perspectives, shadows and lines and when I was finished, I earned an "A" in that project. I drew it by myself, with some hands-off instruction from her of course, but I did it. She took my drawing and taped it up in the class along with other great drawings from other students. It was in every way one of my proudest accomplishments. At that moment I felt confident. I never forgot that. Nor did I forget Mrs. Akins.

Another time in high school I was in this class I couldn't stand, heck I can't even remember what class it was but I hated it (probably computer class) and I asked my English teacher who I always called "Mrs. B" if I could take her Journalism course. I loved writing, I was good at it and sure enough Mrs. B talked to the principal and got me in her course. I earned an "A" in that class and I had fun doing it. I was the news editor and editorial writer for the school paper as well as on the yearbook staff. I felt so great because I had always looked up to the kids on the newspaper and yearbook staff, to me they were important. And here I was, a member myself!

The editorials I wrote for the paper were cutting edge back then. I wrote about drugs in professional sports, local happenings, the importance of teachers, stuff like that. I loved writing and I loved how kids and teacher complimented me on it. I wasn't popular in school, I was average and didn't have more than a few friends so for people to stop me in the halls and say "wow!" about my work, well that made me feel really good about myself. In fact, I wrote the senior poem in our senior edition of the school paper which printed just before we graduated. After I graduated and joined the military I would send Mrs. B articles about military life which she would have published in the local paper for me. Eventually I took over writing a few pieces in my mom's newspaper column which she had given up. I enjoyed reading my work, of course always thinking I could do better.

I may have had a gift for writing but because someone taught me how to arrange my thoughts and put them on paper. That someone was Mrs. B (and later my English professor who became a great friend to me!) Without having had Mrs. B to guide me, I may not have ever had the confidence to try. Same goes for Mrs. Akins, her art class gave me confidence. And it's not just me either, my sister was in Band and she LOVED it. Being in the marching band gave my sister confidence, she build friendships, she felt a part of something because like me, she was average and didn't have many friends. I saw a lot of kids like that in school, whether it was art or music or drama club or being in band, FBLA, FFA, Beta club, auto mechanics shop, playing basketball or whatever--they all felt a part of something important, it gave them confidence in themselves and it brought out the best in them.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I spent the last four days taking care of a very sick husband. Turns out he had a very bad bacterial infection in his sinuses that hit rather quickly and invaded his lymph nodes, caused his ears to fill with fluid and overall it made him feel like death. The constant headaches, all over joint and body pain, loss of equilibrium, fever, nausea, and chills were a result of that. Thanks to a strong antibiotic he is feeling better.

He thanked me every time I helped him dress, stayed in the bathroom while he showered in case he fell, got him water, medicine, food, put a DVD in the player for him, got him a blanket, and just about every other little thing he needed. These past four days it's been very quiet around here, very quiet.

But I knew he was feeling better when he started raising his voice and bitching today. Yep, life is back to normal.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Chessani is a free man!

The trumped up charges against Lt. Colonel Chessani have been dropped! His case was dismissed by a military judge on the grounds of "unlawful command influence". Apparently there was strong evidence that the Generals in charge of the case were influenced by Colonel John Ewers, a Marine lawyer who was one of the investigating officers of the Haditha incident.

Unfortunately the big media outlets aren't talking about it. What? Are you kidding? Who is their scapegoat now?

The US government spent two years and $36 million trying to prosecute a 19-year decorated Marine officer, devoted husband and father of six children for something he wasn't even involved with. This is a man whose 2006 Combat Fitness Report declared him “a superb leader, who knows his men, knows the enemy, knows his business,” with “unlimited potential and value to the Marine Corps” .

Seven Marines have been exonerated and one Marine is left to stand trial.

It is time to go after the real criminal here and that would be the son of a bitch Jack Murtha. During the course of the investigation, Murtha came out and publicly accused the Marines of being "cold-blooded murderers" and accused high ranking officers of a cover-up:
"It's much worse than reported in Time magazine. There was no fire fight. There was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. And that's what the report is going to tell."
But there was no evidence, the investigation was ongoing. Interesting that Murtha claims that his statements were based on a report given him by the Marines but the Marines said that the report wasn't given to Murtha until one week after he came out and made the defamatory accusations against the Marines.

Like the rest of his cronies up in DC, Murtha is protected. While I would love to see him brought up on some charges--you'd think up in DC, some creative prosecutor could come up with something!! Perhaps the seven exonerated soldiers could band together in a defamation suit? Not likely but someone should try. I'd love to be the one to dig up the dirt on Murtha. I'd love to be the one to send copies of the dirt to Chessani and the other soldiers.

Every dog has its day and Murtha is no exception. What goes around comes around Murtha, just remember that.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sometimes when I'm having a shitty day, a great quote from a favorite movie makes me feel I was thinking of "Get Shorty" with Dennis Farina (Ray "Bones" Barboni) and John Travolta (Chili Palmer)

Bones: "Let me explain something to you. Momo is dead. Which means that everything he had now belongs to Jimmy Cap, including you. Which also means, that when I speak, I speak for Jimmy. E.g., from now on, you start showing me the proper fucking respect. "

Chili: "E.g." means "for example". What I think you want to say is "I.e.".

Bones: "Bullshit! That's short for "ergo".

Chili: "Ask your man."

Ray's Bodyguard: "To the best of my knowledge, "e.g." means "for example".

Bones: "E.g., i.e., fuck you! The point is this: is that, When I say "jump", you say "OK", okay?

Yes, I had that kind of day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

A letter to Windstream and its CEO Jeff Gardner...

Dear Windstream...

You suck.

I don't know how else to say it.

So I'll say it again.

You suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Customer service is what your company is supposed to offer in exchange for customers paying you a rather chunky monthly portion of their hard-earned income. In exchange for their money you are supposed to provide a product and/or service that is worthy of the price being paid for it. We thought Alltel sucked and when you took over the DSL we thought "oh wow now things will improve" well we were wrong, you suck as bad as they did if not more.

Your customers are sick and tired of having their DSL go down every time the wind blows. They are also tired of calling India and having Bob, Mary, Sue Ellen and Henry insist that "if you would just check your filters" or "it must be your wiring" or "be sure to turn your computer off for a few minutes and then back on again" and oh this doozy "as long as you are getting 65% of the bandwidth we agreed to deliver, then you're getting good customer service" .

In the meantime while our service sucks, your CEO Jeff Gardner raked in $4.2 million last year.

While we're sitting here listening to Bob, Mary, Sue Ellen and Henry tell us to turn our computers off and on again, off and on again, your CEO gets company jet, the company pays his country club dues, gives him money for his own personal financial planning, and several million dollars extra in stock options.

Well, we your hardworking paying customers are tired of the bullshit. We're not paying for Bob, Mary, Sue Ellen and Henry to tell us to turn our computers off and on, we're not paying for 65% of service, we're not paying for you to put extra charges on our bill for things we never authorized, we're not paying for no service. And we sure as hell are tired of putting our hard earned money in your CEO's retirement account when we can't even get online to check OUR retirement accounts!

We're paying for a service and if you expect to be paid and if your CEO wants to keep his perks, then we expect you to provide 100% of the service we paid for. If you cannot provide it, then you need to close up shop and move on out.


A few hundred thousand customers currently experiencing very shitty service

Thursday, June 12, 2008


That's what we military folks call Guantanamo Bay. In reference to the Supreme Court's recent decision regarding the detainees there, I disagree with them but hey I'm just your average citizen. What do I know? It's just my opinion anyway. The SC is interpreting the law, so am I, so are you, and we're all reading it differently aren't we?

Click on Ex Parte Quirin which is a precedent setting case from 1942. It's worthy reading. There's more out there going much farther back, but start with that one.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear Mommy and June--WRITE THE BOOK!

Mom and June have been best friends for over 40 years. They met in Miami in their teens and attended Palmetto Sr. High School together. When mom and dad moved us up here to North Florida, June and her family remained in Miami roughing out the immigrant invasion, numerous hurricanes and the like. But they always kept in touch. They might not talk for awhile but when they began writing or calling again it was like they'd never lost touch. The two of them have this insane connection, it's like two halves of the same whole. Mom was telling me they could be among a crowd of people and both of them would start laughing for no reason but each would know exactly what the other was thinking and why they were laughing.

If you could read the stuff these two write about their past experiences in life, it's just too funny. I really have been convincing mom that she and June need to write a book. I'm tellin' ya it would sell. Even if it didn't sell, it would be hilarious to write. I know only a small tidbit of the things those two used to do together and I've read some of the stuff they write in emails, the funny stuff about things that happened long ago, I tell you it's hysterical. Maybe it's funny only to those of us who know them but somehow I think that others especially from their baby boomer generation could appreciate the things they would write.

Growing up, I was fortunate to read Erma Bombeck, well it's not like my mom told me I could read it, I didn't ask opting instead to steal it off my mother's bookshelf and take it to school with me. After all, how many times can you read Judy Blume and the entire young adult section of the school library? I of course considered myself a more sophisticated reader (even back then!) and so I needed a little bit more adult humor, something sarcastic, painfully funny, something that one isn't supposed to understand or appreciate until a few decades later. Of course being me, having began reading at age three, I generally understood what I read at a much younger age. In regards to Erma, I always understood her humor and because mom and June just remind me so much of Erma maybe that's why I wish they'd write something together because it would be awesome. I think we need that right now. In this world today, in these times, we need some nostalgia, we need to remember what it was like to just be silly.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Tomato, tomato, wherefore art thou tomato?

I love tomatoes, I mean I loooooove tomatoes! I used to cut three or four large ones up in a bowl and put red vinegar in and eat them just like that. I'm a tomato addict, I'm surprised I never turned into one. Something about tomatoes just makes my mouth water! You could say that I'm good for the tomato industry :)

The government has just cleared California and Florida tomatoes, stating the salmonella didn't start here. Gee what took so long? In the meantime, CA and FL tomato industry was suffering severely! The tomato industry lobbyists must have been doing some ass chewing up in Washington, because CA and FL are the two largest tomato producing states.

I've had a difficult time finding out exactly which tomatoes are suspect and where they were grown. Yes they said raw red tomatoes, well WTF, that tells me a lot doesn't it?

I did find this blurb:

The FDA has no indication that tomatoes grown in California are associated with this outbreak. But raw red plum, raw red Roma, or raw round red tomatoes are believed to be the cause, and officials are asking all consumers not to eat them. It is still safe to eat cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, tomatoes still on the vine, and, of course, home-grown tomatoes.
There's just something wrong with this. It's too broad. Why don't they just tell us WHERE THE SUSPECT TOMATOES ARE FROM? I had a beefsteak tomato tonight, labeled "Grown in Greenhouse in Canada". I love country of origin labeling, don't you? I love that I can look at this tomato and know exactly how it was grown and where it came from.

Imagine all of the growers who can't ship their tomatoes and what's worse is the millions of pounds of tomatoes being thrown in the garbage!!

The whole thing stinks. Should be really interesting when we find out WHERE they were grown.

Mexico, anyone?




Friday, June 06, 2008

Once again China one ups us...

China is drilling for oil in the Florida Straits--60 miles off our coast, yet the US is not allowed to do it. Here we are dependent on other countries for oil, countries whose Muslim population professes all Americans should be murdered. Just recently our own President was on his knees begging the Saudis to increase production (which was by the way--denied!), and meanwhile the cost of living just keeps going up. When I'm spending over $50 in regular unleaded to fill my 2004 Toyota Corolla, there's a huge problem. Because as cars go, this is one of the best as far as mileage!

Ninety-five percent of our oil reserves are off-limits by order of the federal government. Our economy is dependent on terrorist nations and we can't DRILL OFF OUR OWN COAST!!!

How crazy is this?

Thank you to the environmentalist whackos (and Bill Clinton who vetoed the bill allowing us to drill in ANWR as well as George Bush who refuses to sign an executive order mandating we drill in ANWR), for not exploiting our own resources. Things have changed, the technology exists which makes drilling safer and more efficient. And as to the rigs being a negative impact on tourism? You can't even SEE an oil rig from land.

Recently 4 billion barrels of oil have been discovered in the Dakota territory. It could be more like 40 billion in the end. The first new refinery in thirty years has been approved in South Dakota. you really think that oil will stay here? Not likely.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Waah! But I was here first!!!

Hmm there seems to be two blogs that have borrowed the same name as mine. There's "Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop" from 2006 and "Just waiting for the other shoe to drop" which began in 2007.

I think I'll check out their blogs and say hi!

Not concerned, I was here first. Still though, before I began this blog I checked and there were none titled such and since the title fits my life perfectly.

Of course chances are that the title fits other people's lives perfectly too :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I have a prescription of Diazepam (generic for Valium) that one 5 mg dose per day but I only take it once per week if that. I have TMJ, my jaw tightens when I sleep and I tense up, causing muscle aches every now and then in my neck and jaw area. The Diazepam helps relax the area so I can sleep and don't have the pain.

I checked the med when we got home and it's Alprazolam---generic for Xanax. I called our pharmacist who said that it was in the same class as Valium in that they are both benzodiazepines. He told me that Xanax works much faster but the effects don't last as long. The other differences are huge--Xanax tends to be more habit-forming and one 5 mg of Xanax (what she prescribed) is equivalent to 10 mg of Diazepam which is twice my normal dosage! My rule of thumb is to try not to take any more of anything than is necessary. Like food, we have to take meds in moderation.

Our pharmacist checked the system and this is indeed the prescription Dr. K called in and it bothers me that she took it upon herself to change my medication with NO consultation.

This kind of thing is not new with this doctor. One of my friends who is also a coworker has been using the same practice as me for quite some time now. The other day she met the new doc and the doctor told her she was anemic and had to get B-12 shots immediately. Well my friend was alarmed because she has copies of her bloodwork and never was told by any doctor that she needed this. Like me, my friend doesn't want to take anything that isn't absolutely necessary. She called the doctor and left a message and then talked to the nurse practitioner who she also likes and respects as much as I do and the NP could not give her a rave review of the doctor. The NP also confirmed this is not the first time this doctor has done this. My friend and I have talked of getting a new doctor but in this town it is hard to find someone good who is still taking patients. Our practice sees thousands of patients, sometimes they are so overloaded we've waited more than an hour to see the doctor.

I have never met this new doctor and I don't care to. I have chosen to see the nurse practitioner who I've seen for years, because my favorite doctor in that practice moved to South Florida with her husband. Even my favorite nurse left because things got so bad at the practice. I hate to leave the NP that has been so good to me but you've got to have a good doctor in case you are ever admitted to the hospital for something you damn well want a damn good doctor to oversee your care!

So I am not sure how I want to handle this yet but I will handle it. Sorry but I really don't feel comfortable taking the Xanax. The Diazepam leaves me with no side effects and I am not addicted to it (a thirty day supply usually lasts three months!) and I'd rather stick with what works at a minimum dose.

Why in a city full of doctors and three hospitals including a world famous TEACHING HOSPITAL is it so difficult to find a good female doctor who knows her shit and has a great personality and bedside manner?

Make Wendy Portillo and Morningside Elementary accountable!

The petition below is to Governor Crist, Morningside Elementary School and St. Lucie County School Board was created to force them to hold kindergarten teacher Wendy Portillo accountable for emotional abuse of Alex Barton when she stood him in front of the class and had his classmates say what they didn't like about him and then told them to vote on whether or not he could stay in his class.

You can view and/or sign the petition here: Petition supporting Alex Barton