Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This morning we were on our way to work when a pickup truck came up behind us rather quickly and passed us on a double solid yellow line. When the truck was about four car lengths ahead of us, I flashed my lights as I normally do when someone pulls this shit to signal that their actions were dangerous (as if they didn't already know that!). The lights didn't affect her vision because it was bright daylight outside. At that moment, and just to be an asshole, she put on her brakes, stopping in the middle of the road. To avoid possibly hitting her, I drove into the grass on the right side of the road (no way was I going to go to her left and pass her on a solid yellow line over a hill, and as I drove into the grass, she moved over towards the center of the road, then I attempted to get back on the road and she got into the right hand lane and we wound up behind her...again but she sped up and was down the road a ways.

DH got so angry about her actions on the road so he called 911 while I continued driving. His first words were "I need a g*ddamned sheriff out here now!" ok not exactly the way I would approach it but there was nothing I could do. He gave the operator the license plate number and other info about the truck and as he was talking to the operator, we wound up behind her again as there was a line of cars she got stuck behind.

I noticed that the other driver was on the phone too and she was looking in her outside rearview mirror and shouting something at me (I have no idea what she said nor do I care) and then she flipped DH the bird which he returned. I have no idea who she was calling but if she was calling the police too, she's stupid because she's the one who broke the law, she is the one who passed us dangerously in a no-passing zone. We did nothing illegal so I can only imagine what her complaint would have been....

"Officer, these assholes behind me were driving the speed limit and I was in a hurry and passed them on a double solid yellow line and I got all pissy when they flashed their lights at me so I stopped right in the middle of the road and forced them into the grass. Honest officer, I was only defending my honor!"

Anyway, DH was on the phone with the 911 operator for nearly twenty minutes while they asked him to tell them which way she was headed and that worked for awhile until *poof* out of thin air she disappeared. And so they got our address and phone and that's the end of it.

Every day on this road we travel to and from work, other people drive erratically and play games with other people's lives. I don't care what these assholes do with their lives, if they want to commit suicide by driving like an asshole, fine, but don't take others with them. DH says this morning "I think I'll start carrying a gun". He talks of taking matters into his own hands, stating that since the police can't do it maybe the citizens should.

I can understand his frustration but being more level-headed during these moments, I've warned him about the dangers of actions he suggests. My philosophy is that if faced with confrontation, if one can safely walk the other way and avoid it, one should do so. This doesn't mean I don't think that if the situation warrants it and there are no other options but to stand and fight and protect oneself and family, then one must do so. However, a person must use good judgment. There are just too many terrible life altering consequences that can come from one momentary lapse in judgment caused by anger and frustration.


  1. Maybe next time you could just NOT flash your lights and ignore the morons. As for DH carrying a gun, Good Grief, that's all you need!

  2. John does carry a gun and the idiots still make him angry and there's still nothing he can do except "imagine" shooting them! If you ever see her on the side of the road pulled over by the cops or in a ditch make sure you beep and wave when you drive by going the speed limit!