Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear Mommy and June--WRITE THE BOOK!

Mom and June have been best friends for over 40 years. They met in Miami in their teens and attended Palmetto Sr. High School together. When mom and dad moved us up here to North Florida, June and her family remained in Miami roughing out the immigrant invasion, numerous hurricanes and the like. But they always kept in touch. They might not talk for awhile but when they began writing or calling again it was like they'd never lost touch. The two of them have this insane connection, it's like two halves of the same whole. Mom was telling me they could be among a crowd of people and both of them would start laughing for no reason but each would know exactly what the other was thinking and why they were laughing.

If you could read the stuff these two write about their past experiences in life, it's just too funny. I really have been convincing mom that she and June need to write a book. I'm tellin' ya it would sell. Even if it didn't sell, it would be hilarious to write. I know only a small tidbit of the things those two used to do together and I've read some of the stuff they write in emails, the funny stuff about things that happened long ago, I tell you it's hysterical. Maybe it's funny only to those of us who know them but somehow I think that others especially from their baby boomer generation could appreciate the things they would write.

Growing up, I was fortunate to read Erma Bombeck, well it's not like my mom told me I could read it, I didn't ask opting instead to steal it off my mother's bookshelf and take it to school with me. After all, how many times can you read Judy Blume and the entire young adult section of the school library? I of course considered myself a more sophisticated reader (even back then!) and so I needed a little bit more adult humor, something sarcastic, painfully funny, something that one isn't supposed to understand or appreciate until a few decades later. Of course being me, having began reading at age three, I generally understood what I read at a much younger age. In regards to Erma, I always understood her humor and because mom and June just remind me so much of Erma maybe that's why I wish they'd write something together because it would be awesome. I think we need that right now. In this world today, in these times, we need some nostalgia, we need to remember what it was like to just be silly.

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  1. You would have been so at home with us back then. I really feel there's a kindred spirit deep inside of that 80's child!