Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not sure yet what I think about the state of Florida's proposed buyout of US Sugar

From an environmental point of view, this native South Floridian thinks it's a great idea however from a political point of view, I don't like the idea of the Governor offering taxpayer dollars to buyout companies, with huge payouts to shareholders and the layoff of thousands of employees. First US Sugar, who is next?

I'm a bit torn on this. I'll tell you one thing though, one of the reasons the Everglades is a mess is because of companies like US Sugar as well as overdevelopment in South Florida. If they're going to bridge the Everglades with Lake Okeechobee and try to undo the environmental damage that has been done these past few decades, then they need to put a moratorium on new development and new industry because if they don't do something NOW, this purchase won't mean shit in a fifty years when the resources are depleted again.

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