Monday, June 09, 2008

Tomato, tomato, wherefore art thou tomato?

I love tomatoes, I mean I loooooove tomatoes! I used to cut three or four large ones up in a bowl and put red vinegar in and eat them just like that. I'm a tomato addict, I'm surprised I never turned into one. Something about tomatoes just makes my mouth water! You could say that I'm good for the tomato industry :)

The government has just cleared California and Florida tomatoes, stating the salmonella didn't start here. Gee what took so long? In the meantime, CA and FL tomato industry was suffering severely! The tomato industry lobbyists must have been doing some ass chewing up in Washington, because CA and FL are the two largest tomato producing states.

I've had a difficult time finding out exactly which tomatoes are suspect and where they were grown. Yes they said raw red tomatoes, well WTF, that tells me a lot doesn't it?

I did find this blurb:

The FDA has no indication that tomatoes grown in California are associated with this outbreak. But raw red plum, raw red Roma, or raw round red tomatoes are believed to be the cause, and officials are asking all consumers not to eat them. It is still safe to eat cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, tomatoes still on the vine, and, of course, home-grown tomatoes.
There's just something wrong with this. It's too broad. Why don't they just tell us WHERE THE SUSPECT TOMATOES ARE FROM? I had a beefsteak tomato tonight, labeled "Grown in Greenhouse in Canada". I love country of origin labeling, don't you? I love that I can look at this tomato and know exactly how it was grown and where it came from.

Imagine all of the growers who can't ship their tomatoes and what's worse is the millions of pounds of tomatoes being thrown in the garbage!!

The whole thing stinks. Should be really interesting when we find out WHERE they were grown.

Mexico, anyone?




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