Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008


Gonna maim...

Gonna hurt...

Gonna beat the crap outta...

If he doesn't quit driving me crazy with this "I want to buy a truck" shit!!!! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We had a family gathering on Saturday and mom and dad's house. Seemed it was quite a long time since we've had one and mom and dad really wanted to do it. Let's see it was mMom, dad, grams, sis, bro and his wife and me were there. Oh and BuddyBean and Bee. It was a good time, no foul language, no fighting, no shooting anyone with beebee guns, no kicking each other under the table, yeah it was nice.

We had a great time, bro told stories about guns, ghosts and government, sis explained the meaning of certain words, mom cooked a fantastic Italian meal, dad just sat back and listened telling wild stories of his youth in between bites, and of course grams was well-behaved. It's nice sitting at the table listening to everyone's insane stories.

Me? I just sat back and enjoyed my food, a big ole bowl of pasta and homemade sauce with some $12 per link italian sausage bro got from a friend of his who imports it from Italy. OMG this stuff is good. Publix as much as I love 'em can't hold a candle!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Dumbass...

Back in this January 2006 blog post I ranted about solicitors calling from the "Florida State Troopers Association". Others have responded to my post mostly agreeing with my rant.

Last night some anonymous moron posts a comment which you can read on the link I posted above. But just for shits and giggles, I'll post it in its entirety here:

"Ok Ms. Know-It-All, read and learn. FAST is a non-profit organization that does legitimate work on behalf of the troopers of Florida. The campaign headquarters are located in West Palm Beach. There are literally dozens of other organizations working for the troopers out there, with similar names: Florida State Troopers Association, Florida Police Benevolent Society, Florida Police Athletic League, Highway Patrol Commander Officer Association, etc. And I am almost positive that half of you are confusing FAST with one of these other organizations because they all use the same lines to get money out of you. Their locations range from Orlando to Tallahassee to Ft. Lauderdale.

Now, as far as FAST is concerned, I can speak with authority here because I worked for them. FAST hires a for-profit telemarketing company to raise funds on their behalf. In Florida, this would be WCS, Inc. People are paid $7 an hour to sit in a boiler room and call everyone in Florida asking them for money on behalf of FAST, a portion of which WCS, Inc. keeps to pay for itself and its employees. The rest goes directly to FAST. (The website, by the way, is www.fastinc.org). The office is open from 1pm-9pm. So if they called after 9 it was NOT FAST. Also, the Do Not Call List does NOT apply to fundraisers (www.donotcall.gov). Therefore they can call you even if you are on the DNC list. So, where you got your bogus facts from, I do not know. One fact where you have a legitimate complaint is if you tell them to never call you again or to put you on THEIR do not call list, they must oblige. However, if you just hang up on them, tell them you're not interested at the moment, etc. then they can keep calling, and they probably will.

As far as credit cards are concerned, you have as much chance of fraud occurring from FAST as you do if you buy from Amazon.com. So if you're one of those people who still live in the Middle Ages and are afraid of giving credit cards over the phone, you can continue living in your dark abyss. ALL credit card companies protect against fraud, so even though there is a chance of your number getting stolen, your credit card company will cover you if it does. I have had my number stolen once, and the credit card company issued me a full refund. I am not going to let the ease of using credit cards over the phone just disappear because of a problem I had once, which I got full cover from the credit card company. Anyway, just get your facts straight next time.

I suppose that the idiot was so busy defending his position and so pissed off because he THOUGHT someone was bashing FAST and THEIR reputable third party agency that he neglected to actually READ what I wrote. In his rage he must have missed these exerpts:

"So my bitch session here isn't about the troopers or their legitimate rep FAST (Florida Assn of State Troopers), it's with the crappy third party agencies who solicit donations on their behalf, or so they say."
"After some serious internet searching I found the email for the Florida Association of State Troopers which is THE legitimate organization that supports the Florida Troopers. I emailed them and complained about this agency who was soliciting donations. I told them I would never donate through this agency, ever."
"Two days later I get a really nice email from someone in change at FAST letting me know that this isn't the first complaint they've received. She apologized and then let me know that she had checked my phone number (I provided it in my email) against the Do Not Call Lists and found my number was there. She said that if the number is on it, those organizations are not allowed to contact the individuals. In fact these agencies aren't allowed to contact ANYONE after 9 pm."

He was so busy he totally and completely missed the part about the "Do Not Call" list. The list referred to is the one that FAST keeps and when they checked their own DO NOT CALL LIST our number was on it.

Never in that post did I make mention of the national Do Not Call registry now did I?

Never in that post did I make mention of FAST being illegitimate now did I?

Never in that post did I even mention anything about credit cards now did I?

Never in that post.......oh never mind, it's not worth it.

Just another yahoo who doesn't think before posting...perhaps "Mr. Know it all" should be the one to "read and learn"

Monday, July 21, 2008

San Fran sanctions murderers

Here's a heartbreaking story about a woman, Danielle Bologna, whose husband and two sons were gunned down by Edwin Ramos, an illegal immigrant protected by sanctuary city San Francisco.

As a juvenile, Edwin Ramos was convicted of two gang-related felonies but was not deported because San Francisco city ordinance prohibits city agencies from contacting federal authorities to notify them of illegal immigrants. In March 2008, Ramos was arrested on a gun charge. On June 22, 2008 at the age of 21, the violent criminal and member of a dangerous street gang murdered three innocent people, Anthony Bologna and his two sons Michael and Matthew because on their way home from a family picnic, they inadvertently blocked his car from being able to make a left turn down a narrow street.

Could this have been prevented?


Had the city NOT given sanctuary to a violent criminal, Anthony, Michael and Matthew Bologna would be alive today.

Nothing will bring Danielle Bologna's husband and boys back to her, but this should be a big fat wakeup call to that dumbass mayor Gavin Newsom and every one of his cronies and the moronic citizens of San Francisco who support this ridiculous policy of making San Francisco a haven for criminals, protecting them from the same laws of which we are all subject.

Gavin Newsom and all the politicians who support this are in direct violation of the Constitution and every last one of them should be thrown in jail and charged with sedition.
Vin took this photo at Cedar Key on Saturday. I kid you not, this is the real deal. Just take a good closer look at the sign...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Well as it stands, I've got an "A" so far in my World Civ course and an "A" (98.8) in my mathematics. The final hasn't been graded yet but even if I earn an 88 which is a B+ I'll still walk away with an "A" in the course. The math is complete, we finished early this term. I can't say enough good things about MyMathLab/CourseCompass which is a great learning tool for mathematics courses. Many professors nationwide are going to it for their courses and it's not just limited to math. I am happy to say we will be using it in my final mathematics in fall term!

What really sucks is I took my history exam via the new ANGEL system that many colleges are now using and that was last weekend, I still can't view my test scores and last I heard the instructor couldn't get the Angel techs to respond do him.

HELLO? This system SUCKS. It has from the very beginning. Why did we have to do away with WebCT? Why couldn't we just keep what we had which for the most part--worked. I think students have the right to know their test grades in a reasonable amount of time especially when the grading is automatic. It's not the professor's fault, he's doing everything he can, it's this stupid system.

There are times when technology sucks, this is one of them.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tell us something we didn't know...

As this article states, former UF PhD student in Management, Erin Fluegge Woolf did some research as part of her dissertation and concluded that employees allowed to have a little fun on the job not only accomplished more work but showed a higher level of creativity and were more willing to help their coworkers.

I wholeheartedly agree with her conclusions. I am glad my work environment is such that we joke, laugh, have office parties and talk to one another on a daily basis. We also have a casual dress code outside the classroom. I love my job, my coworkers, students and the department as a whole, because it's like family and when you feel like part of a family you are happier and you function better. Take that away and turn employees into robots and productivity goes way down as does morale. Morale and productivity go hand in hand.

Right now on many parts of campus, morale is low. We can thank the budget cuts, bad supervisors, a President who I would is practically invisible to the staff on campus, and a whole host of other things. What we need is morale.

I say kudos to Dr. Woolf on her research and hopefully what she revealed to us will make its way to the highest levels of our institution as a wakeup call.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears....barf!

Shut up Jamie Lynn, you moron. You got knocked up at 16, you're 17 now and a mom. Didn't big sister's situation teach you anything? Being a famous, rich, teen star doesn't make you a mother Jamie Lynn. Did you not learn anything from big sis?

Instead of gracing the cover of magazines and glamorizing your mistake and acting like some Cinderella in a fairy tale, why not come out and be honest and tell the millions of teenagers who worship you that getting knocked up at16 is NOT glamorous, it is not cool and can very well ruin so many opportunities that life may have had for you. It's easy for you Jamie--you have a nanny, a big house, servants and plenty of wealth to ensure that you and your child won't be wanting for anything, but the girls who worship you don't have what you have and by glamorizing your situation you make it look like one big fat fairy tale.

What makes me sick Jamie Lynn is that the first chance you got, you jumped into a photo shoot with your baby's father and the baby, with you and baby on the cover of a teen magazine talking about how wonderful it is being a mom and all that crap. They've portrayed you like "mommy of the year" and frankly it's sickening.

It is just no wonder that teenage girls all over the country are getting knocked up because they think it's cool!

Oy vey!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Henry Paulson the dope...

Another Washington insider who thinks we're stupid.

I listened to some clips of Henry Paulson's testimony to the Senate Banking Committee. When Senator Dodd asked him about the burden the taxpayers would carry with the proposed plan to extend government backed financial assistance to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Paulson skirted the question simply saying said it would be done "under terms and conditions that protect the U.S. taxpayer."

No details.

Later, because he managed to slither out of actually answering the question put to him---how much this plan would cost the American people, Senator Shelby put it to him once again--and
Paulson answered in such a way that gave absolutely NO numbers. Sure because it's going to cost billions of taxpayer dollars to back these loans.

So basically we're giving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a blank check?

When is the last time a creditor of yours offered you such a great deal when you were behind on your payments?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Greed and monopoly in of all places--the beer industry...

I'm not happy about Anheuser-Busch selling out to InBev, not at all. In fact, I'm angry about it, though there's nothing I can do--except stop drinking AB products, which of course DH and I who hardly drink beer anymore anyway, have decided to do.

There's two issues that concern me in the AB buyout, the first is a foreign takeover of an American institution, the second is the monopoly--large monstrous corporations slowly buying out or taking over their competitors to the point where in every facet of American busienss, there will be only one or two competitors. We already see it in many areas, one that comes to mind is satellite television and cable. Cox Cable has a monopoly in many areas that offer cable and in others that don't, you can't get anything but Dish Network or Directv.

Competition is essential for a free market to exist and the fewer the competitors, the higher the prices and the worse off we are. You think the economy sucks now? Wait till there's no more competition. Wait till every piece of American business is owned and operated by foreign nations.
AB has been a part of American life since 1852 and now it has become yet another large American born-and-bred company to sell out to the highest bidder. Congress says they're concerned about a foreign company owning such a large American brand (oh now they're concerned?) and of course those individuals who work in the beer industry in St. Louis, MO are wondering about the future of their jobs. They should be. The whole face of Anheuser-Busch is about to change, like it or not, and in the end, even the famous Clydesdales which have been an American Anheuser-Busch tradition since 1933, and the adorable Dalmations who ride with them will be looking for work.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

After hours...

Some idiot called tonight at 8:15 asking for DH or me. I lied and said "they're not home" because frankly I just didn't feel like talking to them...I knew they were soliciting something. I asked if I could help and she said "we're taking a survey of Florida Drivers" and I said "do you know it's after 8 pm on a Sunday night?" and she said "yes" and then I hung up.

Think she got the hint?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A great gift!!

My friend and former professor Diana sent me something really awesome in the mail today. Besides another one of her insightful and interesting letters, she included something she had found something among the files she's amassed in the last forty years...

It's the very first issue of Time Magazine from March 3, 1923 with Joseph G. Cannon (retired Speaker of the House) on the cover.

What a treat! For a student of History like me, there's no better gift than something like this!!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mom doesn't seem to mind that I am blogging about her experience since her ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography) and good grief that's an interesting name. Well if you've been reading this you know she went home Sunday. She was so glad to get out of that place. Ok yes Shands is a cutting-edge hospital with the best doctors.

But...what gives?

She was in there five--FIVE days and not once did housekeeping ever come in to clean the room, empty the trash, or clean the bathroom. Not once in five days did anyone help her bathe or even OFFER her a bath. Not once in five days did anyone change her sheets. She lay in that bed, hardly getting up and moving for five days. She couldn't get her meds, the doctor would not call my dad when mom asked him to (dad always had to track him down), the people who visited the person in her room were loud and obnoxious, the food SUCKED, nobody ever explained to mom what she should expect after the surgery, they sent her home extremely dehydrated with fluid around her lung.

Overall, it was a horrible experience. And in our opinion she did not get better at home, she got worse.

Dad had to call EMS to have mom taken from home to North Florida Regional yesterday morning. She could barely move and she couldn't breathe well. They determined fluid around her lung, where the pain had been, and at first thought it might be pneumonia but the doctor ruled it out saying it was either caused by the pancreatitis or it was a pulmonary obstruction. So, the doctor immediately called for extracting a sample of the fluid to be sure that it was caused by the pancreatitis and as it turns out, it was not caused by that. There weren't enough of the enzymes (Amalyse) to warrant it. This means it could possibly be a pulmonary obstruction which they are treating now. Anyway, she feels much better but is very tired. They are treating her dehydration, her respiratory issues and her Crohn's. Eventually she will have to have another surgery to have the stint removed that the doctors placed in her during the original surgery. But she says she will NOT have that done at Shands. No way!!

The reason mom had to go through all this to get rid of that gallstone in her duodenum was so she could go on Remicaid therapy for her Crohn's. It had to be done, but geez, the shit she's been through to get to that point? Oy vey!

The good news here is that she is going to get better with the kind of care she is receiving. Mom has one of the best GI docs in the country who specializes in Crohn's and he will take good care of her. Not to mention she's in a great hospital with people who care.

I'm not saying that the folks at Shands don't care--there are a lot of hardworking folks there, but this is mom's second bad experience with that hospital, they nearly killed her some 20 years ago, she was apprehensive about going back but it was either that or the Mayo Clinic for that surgery. She says she will NEVER go back, she will die first before she lets them get their hands on her again.

Anyway, I'm sure ma will be fine, in the meantime she gave her blessing on my ranting and raving about that "other hospital that shall not be named" (but was!) LOL.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Family drama...

Never ceases to end.

Ok, first off mom is home (yeah!) and dad's happy, Buddy and Bee are ecstatic and of course we're all glad mom is ok.

Now...because I am not one to shy away from controversy here, I just gotta get this out. My aunt and grams were wonderful in taking mom to her first two surgery appointments, you know the two appointments where they couldn't do the surgery. They also took her to her third appointment which is the one which wound up getting her hospitalized for five days. Well, sometimes grams tends to want to be in control of things and so she figured that because she and my aunt had taken mom to all her appointments and sat with her till 8 pm on the night she was hospitalized that naturally they would be the ones taking her home from the hospital.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago. Mom says she doesn't want any company and dad asked us to go through him for info on mom because the nurse's station was getting too many phone calls from family. Ok no problem. Then mom says she would like dad to pick her up when it's time to go home and dad asked if I would go with him. Of course I said "sure". During my talk with dad I said he could stay home and I would pick her up myself. Dad tells grams this and she goes apeshit. She then calls mom IN THE HOSPITAL and proceeds to ask her why she and my aunt weren't picking mom up! Well mom's doped up on some damn near close to morphine type pain meds and wasn't in the mood for this drama. Dad told grams the way things were and that was that. So today I didn't go myself, I went with pa, we picked up ma and all was well.

Then I talked to grams tonight in our weekly phone call and she proceeded to tell me that my aunt was hurt that she wasn't included in picking mom up. Grams justified their feelings because THEY had seen mom through all her appointments and taken her to her surgery and all and naturally expected to be a part of picking her up. Well, the way I see it, mom was away from home five days, she didn't want to deal with anything stressful, and wanted very much to see dad, so naturally she would want him to pick her up. And of course I only went along as what I call the "tour guide" just making sure dad knew where he was going! My grams said to me she understood why mom wanted dad to pick her up but when dad told her originally that I was picking her up and she told my aunt, THAT is when my aunt got offended.

Here's what I don't get. What in hell is the big deal about a daughter picking up her mom from the hospital? So what would have been the big ass deal if I'd gone alone? She's my mother for crying out loud. Yes of course I know grams and my aunt were worried but so were the rest of us. Why would it have NOT been ok for me to go alone? Why should my aunt be hurt and offended?

Good grief I say, get a grip. For crying out loud, who cares who picks mom up as long as she gets home!!

I can understand people saying and doing stupid things because they aren't in their right minds and they are worried and stressed however I cannot see the logic in my aunt being "hurt" because I and not she and grams was to bring mom home from the hospital.

Maybe I'm missing something but I just don't get it.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'll tell you what sucks.

When a patient in severe pain in the hospital has to call HOME to ask their family to call the nurse's station on her floor so she can get her pain meds. Mom asked the nurses repeatedly and yet nobody returned to her room to give her the pain medication she was supposed to have--that is not until dad called them and demanded they give it to her.

After it's all said and done you bet I'm going to have a lot to say about it.

Good people...

Thank you to my wonderful friend Susan, her mom and family and to another good friend KY for saying prayers for my mom while she is in the hospital, you guys rock. And I know mom really appreciates you thinking of her!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Well I talked to mom this morning, she's feeling somewhat better. But before I talked to her I called the nurse's station and the nurse proceeded to read me the doctor's notes from the past two days. Her amalyse which is a liver enzyme if I'm correct, was rather high but it's coming down.

Dad was kind of upset because mom asked the doctor to call him, after all she is very groggy and incoherent and has really no idea what the doc is telling her. Well of course as we could have predicted, the doctor didn't call dad so dad had to call him.

They have to keep ma yet another day.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

It all started several weeks ago when ma was supposed to have a surgical procedure done at NFRMC. She was told she had a gallstone and it had to be removed or she might develop pancreatitis. I think (from my own research) that the gallstone was in her duodenum where it generally goes when one no longer has a gall bladder.

During the first attempt at surgery, the surgeon at that hospital couldn't operate because her duodenum was twisted and he was unable to get to it. She was referred to a surgeon at Shands Hospital, an excellent teaching facility here in town.

Ma went for her surgery a week or so later and developed hypoxia and they had to call the surgery off because she risked complications. The docs told her that she would have to go for a third attempt, this time with an anesthesiologist present. But let me tell you that she was very apprehensive about Shands in the first place, as we all were because years ago she nearly died there because of the incompetency of their staff. Back then when the incident happened, Dad picked mom up out of the ER and took her directly to NFRMC where they saved her. After that, we vowed no member of our family would ever go back there.

Yesterday Aunt and grams took mom for her third attempt at surgery. It was successful and she was supposed to come home but she was throwing up really bad so they kept her overnight for observation. They would not let her go home today either because they didn't feel she was ready. I talked to mom this morning and she sounded awful, very groggy, sedated, tired, and she told me that the doctor told her she had an infection and pancreatitis after all, so much for trying to avoid it by taking out the stone. Oh they would have had to take the stone out regardless but still, she was hoping to avoid the pancreatitis.

I did some research on my own and found how the liver can be affected by pancreatitis but it doesn't really help much. We're all still worried and just want mom home as soon as possible so she can recuperate. It's not that I don't trust doctors but right now mom is there all alone, she's only an hour away, but she's very tired and not up for visitors. Who knows what they are telling her or what's going on with her treatment?

We'll know more in the morning. In the meantime, if you read this, think good thoughts will ya?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sometimes you have to throw the tenured full professor out with the bathwater...

There's a problem at universities across the country--longtime tenured full professors you can't get rid of or even reprimand because they're beyond reproach. Hey once they're tenured it takes damn near an act of Congress to give them the boot. These jerks get to a point in their careers where they're flying high and set for life and could care less. They don't grade homework on time, don't email their students back, don't attend important meetings, and generally blow off their responsibilities because well--they can. Sometimes their students futures hang in the balance but do they care? No. Perhaps it makes them feel important to make others wait on them!

And in most cases there's not a damn thing you can do about it. So if you come into contact with a professor like this during the course of your education, turn around and run the other way.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Shame on Kings County Hospital

ER staff in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn allowed a 49-year old woman Esmin Green, to lay on the floor for thirty minutes dying and no one bothered to help her.

I watched the video posted at CNN and it is horrifying. Ms. Green waited 24 hours in the waiting room to be seen by a psychiatrist! In the video she is is sitting in a chair in the ER waiting for psychiatric help (among other patients and in plain view of the security guard's window) when she falls out of her chair, face down, writhing every now and then and then she died some thirty minutes later. During the time she lay there, a security guard walked into the room, looked at her and left. Nobody sought help for her. She died shortly after 6 am according to the video, however hospital records show her up and about at 6 am. They falsified the records to cover their asses.

Now the NYCLU is filing a suit against the hospital. Before there's a civil suit there needs to be criminal charges against the staff. Every son of a bitch who knew she was laying there should be arrested.

This isn't the norm but you'll notice it happens in the larger cities....the question is what happens to people that makes them just not CARE?

Going back in time...

Went to bed at 8 pm again and got up at 4:45 a.m. I think I'm getting too much sleep. Go figure, if I stay up studying and go to bed at 10 pm I don't get enough sleep but if I go to bed at 8 I get too much!

Last night's dream I went back in time. I was a kid again, or at least I think I was a kid, but I had an adult mind so maybe I was an adult? No, I am not sure, I never saw myself, I only know how I was thinking.

The cast of characters in this dream: A much younger mom, sis, grams, gramps, Auntie Nina (grams sister) and Uncle Virgil (Auntie Nina's husband), Yogi and an unknown cat.

Time: 1980

We were at the grocery store and I was trying to hide from my mother. She and my sister were shopping but I was walking around, I was much younger and different, and hoping she wouldn't recognize me. Then outside in the parking lot, I was walking up and down the parking lot then I spotted my grandmother who was much younger and hoped she hadn't spotted me. I'd walk down one side of the vehicles and she walked the other side like she recognized me, I don't know that she saw me at first, but eventually she did. I don't remember what happened after that though.

Yogi was in the dream and my grandparents also had a cat. I was at their house, my grandmother looked younger, thinner and I looked outside and saw a funnel cloud, we all ran into the bathroom to be safe. We made it ok but Yogi, the puppy, died. I felt bad because I realized that somehow I'd gone back through time and doing so had killed Yogi. Originally, in real life, Yogi had lived to a ripe old age.

Later on there was another funnel cloud and we were out in the yard and had to run to the house and it was too far, we ran like the dickens, I think we all made it to the house.

What I did know for sure is that I had gone back in time about 28 years but...mentally I was as old as I am now--physically--I don't know, I think I was the same as I am now, but I never saw myself in the dream so I don't know. I do know that I told my grams and gramps and Auntie Nina and Uncle Virgil all about the future--that Reagan was president, then I said "oh but you know that already" so it must have been 1980. I also told them George Bush and his son became President and I told them about inventions and other things that happened. I told them, and I recall this VIVIDLY---to invest in DELL and MICROSOFT because these two companies would make billions. I also told them about other companies they should invest in...

I remember other minor bits and pieces but not much else...