Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Dumbass...

Back in this January 2006 blog post I ranted about solicitors calling from the "Florida State Troopers Association". Others have responded to my post mostly agreeing with my rant.

Last night some anonymous moron posts a comment which you can read on the link I posted above. But just for shits and giggles, I'll post it in its entirety here:

"Ok Ms. Know-It-All, read and learn. FAST is a non-profit organization that does legitimate work on behalf of the troopers of Florida. The campaign headquarters are located in West Palm Beach. There are literally dozens of other organizations working for the troopers out there, with similar names: Florida State Troopers Association, Florida Police Benevolent Society, Florida Police Athletic League, Highway Patrol Commander Officer Association, etc. And I am almost positive that half of you are confusing FAST with one of these other organizations because they all use the same lines to get money out of you. Their locations range from Orlando to Tallahassee to Ft. Lauderdale.

Now, as far as FAST is concerned, I can speak with authority here because I worked for them. FAST hires a for-profit telemarketing company to raise funds on their behalf. In Florida, this would be WCS, Inc. People are paid $7 an hour to sit in a boiler room and call everyone in Florida asking them for money on behalf of FAST, a portion of which WCS, Inc. keeps to pay for itself and its employees. The rest goes directly to FAST. (The website, by the way, is www.fastinc.org). The office is open from 1pm-9pm. So if they called after 9 it was NOT FAST. Also, the Do Not Call List does NOT apply to fundraisers (www.donotcall.gov). Therefore they can call you even if you are on the DNC list. So, where you got your bogus facts from, I do not know. One fact where you have a legitimate complaint is if you tell them to never call you again or to put you on THEIR do not call list, they must oblige. However, if you just hang up on them, tell them you're not interested at the moment, etc. then they can keep calling, and they probably will.

As far as credit cards are concerned, you have as much chance of fraud occurring from FAST as you do if you buy from Amazon.com. So if you're one of those people who still live in the Middle Ages and are afraid of giving credit cards over the phone, you can continue living in your dark abyss. ALL credit card companies protect against fraud, so even though there is a chance of your number getting stolen, your credit card company will cover you if it does. I have had my number stolen once, and the credit card company issued me a full refund. I am not going to let the ease of using credit cards over the phone just disappear because of a problem I had once, which I got full cover from the credit card company. Anyway, just get your facts straight next time.

I suppose that the idiot was so busy defending his position and so pissed off because he THOUGHT someone was bashing FAST and THEIR reputable third party agency that he neglected to actually READ what I wrote. In his rage he must have missed these exerpts:

"So my bitch session here isn't about the troopers or their legitimate rep FAST (Florida Assn of State Troopers), it's with the crappy third party agencies who solicit donations on their behalf, or so they say."
"After some serious internet searching I found the email for the Florida Association of State Troopers which is THE legitimate organization that supports the Florida Troopers. I emailed them and complained about this agency who was soliciting donations. I told them I would never donate through this agency, ever."
"Two days later I get a really nice email from someone in change at FAST letting me know that this isn't the first complaint they've received. She apologized and then let me know that she had checked my phone number (I provided it in my email) against the Do Not Call Lists and found my number was there. She said that if the number is on it, those organizations are not allowed to contact the individuals. In fact these agencies aren't allowed to contact ANYONE after 9 pm."

He was so busy he totally and completely missed the part about the "Do Not Call" list. The list referred to is the one that FAST keeps and when they checked their own DO NOT CALL LIST our number was on it.

Never in that post did I make mention of the national Do Not Call registry now did I?

Never in that post did I make mention of FAST being illegitimate now did I?

Never in that post did I even mention anything about credit cards now did I?

Never in that post.......oh never mind, it's not worth it.

Just another yahoo who doesn't think before posting...perhaps "Mr. Know it all" should be the one to "read and learn"


  1. It sounds like anonymous may have been one of those morons that used to call late at night,remember this person said they used to work for them. Maybe just maybe that is the reason they don't work there anymore.

  2. oy...you'd make such a great lawyer!!!!!

  3. she shoots!

  4. Gotta love the people who are so brave and bold with their opinions that they don't need a name to hide behind...