Sunday, July 06, 2008

Family drama...

Never ceases to end.

Ok, first off mom is home (yeah!) and dad's happy, Buddy and Bee are ecstatic and of course we're all glad mom is ok.

Now...because I am not one to shy away from controversy here, I just gotta get this out. My aunt and grams were wonderful in taking mom to her first two surgery appointments, you know the two appointments where they couldn't do the surgery. They also took her to her third appointment which is the one which wound up getting her hospitalized for five days. Well, sometimes grams tends to want to be in control of things and so she figured that because she and my aunt had taken mom to all her appointments and sat with her till 8 pm on the night she was hospitalized that naturally they would be the ones taking her home from the hospital.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago. Mom says she doesn't want any company and dad asked us to go through him for info on mom because the nurse's station was getting too many phone calls from family. Ok no problem. Then mom says she would like dad to pick her up when it's time to go home and dad asked if I would go with him. Of course I said "sure". During my talk with dad I said he could stay home and I would pick her up myself. Dad tells grams this and she goes apeshit. She then calls mom IN THE HOSPITAL and proceeds to ask her why she and my aunt weren't picking mom up! Well mom's doped up on some damn near close to morphine type pain meds and wasn't in the mood for this drama. Dad told grams the way things were and that was that. So today I didn't go myself, I went with pa, we picked up ma and all was well.

Then I talked to grams tonight in our weekly phone call and she proceeded to tell me that my aunt was hurt that she wasn't included in picking mom up. Grams justified their feelings because THEY had seen mom through all her appointments and taken her to her surgery and all and naturally expected to be a part of picking her up. Well, the way I see it, mom was away from home five days, she didn't want to deal with anything stressful, and wanted very much to see dad, so naturally she would want him to pick her up. And of course I only went along as what I call the "tour guide" just making sure dad knew where he was going! My grams said to me she understood why mom wanted dad to pick her up but when dad told her originally that I was picking her up and she told my aunt, THAT is when my aunt got offended.

Here's what I don't get. What in hell is the big deal about a daughter picking up her mom from the hospital? So what would have been the big ass deal if I'd gone alone? She's my mother for crying out loud. Yes of course I know grams and my aunt were worried but so were the rest of us. Why would it have NOT been ok for me to go alone? Why should my aunt be hurt and offended?

Good grief I say, get a grip. For crying out loud, who cares who picks mom up as long as she gets home!!

I can understand people saying and doing stupid things because they aren't in their right minds and they are worried and stressed however I cannot see the logic in my aunt being "hurt" because I and not she and grams was to bring mom home from the hospital.

Maybe I'm missing something but I just don't get it.


  1. You are right! they just want to control the situation!

    They feel if they started something they are the ones that HAVE to see it through!

    You are the daughter and you can pick your mom up! I guess gramma see her as HER CHILD still!! I dunno!!


  2. Anonymous7/07/2008

    Aren't families fun! I'm so glad to hear your mom is home. How is she feeling? Let me know if I can do anything to help. Of course, I don't want to upset Grams ;)--ST

  3. They all crazy belong in a Physco ward if you ask me.

  4. ROFL you mean psycho ward? What and you don't belong there? LOL!