Thursday, July 03, 2008

It all started several weeks ago when ma was supposed to have a surgical procedure done at NFRMC. She was told she had a gallstone and it had to be removed or she might develop pancreatitis. I think (from my own research) that the gallstone was in her duodenum where it generally goes when one no longer has a gall bladder.

During the first attempt at surgery, the surgeon at that hospital couldn't operate because her duodenum was twisted and he was unable to get to it. She was referred to a surgeon at Shands Hospital, an excellent teaching facility here in town.

Ma went for her surgery a week or so later and developed hypoxia and they had to call the surgery off because she risked complications. The docs told her that she would have to go for a third attempt, this time with an anesthesiologist present. But let me tell you that she was very apprehensive about Shands in the first place, as we all were because years ago she nearly died there because of the incompetency of their staff. Back then when the incident happened, Dad picked mom up out of the ER and took her directly to NFRMC where they saved her. After that, we vowed no member of our family would ever go back there.

Yesterday Aunt and grams took mom for her third attempt at surgery. It was successful and she was supposed to come home but she was throwing up really bad so they kept her overnight for observation. They would not let her go home today either because they didn't feel she was ready. I talked to mom this morning and she sounded awful, very groggy, sedated, tired, and she told me that the doctor told her she had an infection and pancreatitis after all, so much for trying to avoid it by taking out the stone. Oh they would have had to take the stone out regardless but still, she was hoping to avoid the pancreatitis.

I did some research on my own and found how the liver can be affected by pancreatitis but it doesn't really help much. We're all still worried and just want mom home as soon as possible so she can recuperate. It's not that I don't trust doctors but right now mom is there all alone, she's only an hour away, but she's very tired and not up for visitors. Who knows what they are telling her or what's going on with her treatment?

We'll know more in the morning. In the meantime, if you read this, think good thoughts will ya?


  1. Even though I am late on this post. My prayers are with you and your family!!


  2. Thanks, it means a lot!!

  3. It wasn't in the duodenum, it was in a bile duct, but it is out, thank God, after all that drama. I wouldn't take a Republican to Shands!