Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears....barf!

Shut up Jamie Lynn, you moron. You got knocked up at 16, you're 17 now and a mom. Didn't big sister's situation teach you anything? Being a famous, rich, teen star doesn't make you a mother Jamie Lynn. Did you not learn anything from big sis?

Instead of gracing the cover of magazines and glamorizing your mistake and acting like some Cinderella in a fairy tale, why not come out and be honest and tell the millions of teenagers who worship you that getting knocked up at16 is NOT glamorous, it is not cool and can very well ruin so many opportunities that life may have had for you. It's easy for you Jamie--you have a nanny, a big house, servants and plenty of wealth to ensure that you and your child won't be wanting for anything, but the girls who worship you don't have what you have and by glamorizing your situation you make it look like one big fat fairy tale.

What makes me sick Jamie Lynn is that the first chance you got, you jumped into a photo shoot with your baby's father and the baby, with you and baby on the cover of a teen magazine talking about how wonderful it is being a mom and all that crap. They've portrayed you like "mommy of the year" and frankly it's sickening.

It is just no wonder that teenage girls all over the country are getting knocked up because they think it's cool!

Oy vey!


  1. I am on a nearly daily basis, pointing to this little trollop and explaining to my daughters AND my sons, just how effed up this girl is and what a horrible example she is. Luckily, my kids have been witness to just how difficult things are when you do have 2 loving parents and a stable home. I point out how screwed up things are likely to become for her kid DESPITE all her wealth and privelege. Sad that her kid will learn that money doesn't fix everything, and will most likely learn that lesson in front of the papparazzi cameras. Great post, can't say enough about this subject.

    Take Care


  2. Stephanie7/18/2008

    You hit the nail right on the head Jess!!

    Dh and I (Dh was 17 and I was 19) didn't have a nanny, big house or lots of money when we had to take on the challenge of raising a baby as teenagers.

    It was HARD work and A LOT of sacrifice.

    I can look back now and Thank God for how it all turned out. We now have 4 beautiful children and just celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary! That is something I can tell you Jamie Lynn Spears will probably never accomplish.