Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Shame on Kings County Hospital

ER staff in Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn allowed a 49-year old woman Esmin Green, to lay on the floor for thirty minutes dying and no one bothered to help her.

I watched the video posted at CNN and it is horrifying. Ms. Green waited 24 hours in the waiting room to be seen by a psychiatrist! In the video she is is sitting in a chair in the ER waiting for psychiatric help (among other patients and in plain view of the security guard's window) when she falls out of her chair, face down, writhing every now and then and then she died some thirty minutes later. During the time she lay there, a security guard walked into the room, looked at her and left. Nobody sought help for her. She died shortly after 6 am according to the video, however hospital records show her up and about at 6 am. They falsified the records to cover their asses.

Now the NYCLU is filing a suit against the hospital. Before there's a civil suit there needs to be criminal charges against the staff. Every son of a bitch who knew she was laying there should be arrested.

This isn't the norm but you'll notice it happens in the larger cities....the question is what happens to people that makes them just not CARE?


  1. Doesn't this just make you sick? It reminds me of the hit and run video in CT a month ago, where an elderly man in his 70's walked out into traffic and was hit by a car. There were people everywhere, including pedestrians who watched it happen and other drivers who had to swerve their cars in order to miss him laying in the middle of the street. But NOBODY went over to him to help! What the hell IS wrong with people anymore?

  2. Anonymous7/02/2008

    Makes me glad to live in a rural community. Everyone may know your business, but at least you know they will help you out when you need it!--ST