Friday, July 18, 2008

Well as it stands, I've got an "A" so far in my World Civ course and an "A" (98.8) in my mathematics. The final hasn't been graded yet but even if I earn an 88 which is a B+ I'll still walk away with an "A" in the course. The math is complete, we finished early this term. I can't say enough good things about MyMathLab/CourseCompass which is a great learning tool for mathematics courses. Many professors nationwide are going to it for their courses and it's not just limited to math. I am happy to say we will be using it in my final mathematics in fall term!

What really sucks is I took my history exam via the new ANGEL system that many colleges are now using and that was last weekend, I still can't view my test scores and last I heard the instructor couldn't get the Angel techs to respond do him.

HELLO? This system SUCKS. It has from the very beginning. Why did we have to do away with WebCT? Why couldn't we just keep what we had which for the most part--worked. I think students have the right to know their test grades in a reasonable amount of time especially when the grading is automatic. It's not the professor's fault, he's doing everything he can, it's this stupid system.

There are times when technology sucks, this is one of them.


  1. Anonymous7/19/2008

    Oh great. I noticed SFCC has changed from WebCT when Logan was there to Angel. I guess Lauren will get a chance to try her hand at utter chaos. If we get desperate, we are calling you!--ST

  2. Gee, maybe the Angel techs are also located in INDIA???


    I so need to dust myself off and get back in school...

  4. Anonymous7/20/2008

    Sma, why not. Everyone else is in India. I spent four hours on the phone with a young lady from India the other day trying to get help with Logan's laptop. The DVD drive was broke and it was under warranty. It took 4 hours of starting, restarting and all other kinds of wackiness before they admitted the drive was broke. Ultimately I got a new one and it arrived in 2 days at no cost. However, I think I paid for it with my time.--ST