Sunday, August 10, 2008


Oh my goodness, I thought I'd seen it all. Today I got sucked into watching a couple of hour long episodes of "Bridezilla" and I'll just say that those women need a good old fashioned ass kicking.

First we have bitch tyrant 34-year old Lisa Coppola from Jersey who was marrying her ex-husband Andrew for the second time. She smashes cake in the face of her father for bringing a birthday cake for someone at the rehearsal party. She screams at her bridesmaids. She wanted her 16 year old daughter to stuff her bra for the wedding pictures! Not just that, but she wanted most of her bridesmaids to stuff their bras too! She said that it was HER wedding and she wanted them looking HOT for the photos! She also demanded all the women wear corsets so they looked thin.

Lisa was rude, demanding, insulting and overall just a mean bitch. I mean she was downright nasty. When her bridesmaids told her that her wedding veil didn't match her dress, I mean they were being NICE to her. She began screaming and and ripped it into shreds. She also showed up forty minutes late for her nail appointment and insulted her nail tech and another customer. To this customer she said "do you know who I am?" and the lady was like "no!" and Lisa said "don't you watch TV?" and the lady was like WTF?

Then there's the couple from Michigan--a young hairdresser named Monica Miller marrying a redneck mechanic named Ryan or Brian. Well they were talking to the caterers and her fiance found out that Monica had already pre-paid $4500 on the catering bill. When he asked her where the money came from she said that a check had come in the mail for him and so he wouldn't spend it, she gave it to the caterer. It happened to be a check from a job he'd done. I'm thinking OMG can you believe she never even told him? Never even asked him???

Monica dyed her mother's hair for the wedding but refused to dye it a color that looked good on HER mother, instead she said she dyed her hair a color that would MATCH the rest of the wedding party. She said it's not about her mother looking good, it was about the wedding party looking good.

Then there's Dawn and Jeremy of Clearwater Florida.

Dawn henpecks her fiance constantly, making fun of him, telling him that he eats like a slob, dresses like a slob, has no manners etc. (Has she looked in the mirror lately?) Yes both of them are extremely obese but he never ever criticizes her about anything, she criticizes him all the time!

She constantly pokes at him and yells at him about his looks, about his manners, about how he talks, just about everything. I mean OVER AND OVER AGAIN. She said that he embarasses her in public. She doesn't like anything he does, nothing is good enough for her. In fact she said she loses her appetite watching him eat. Jeremy just about had a fit when he found out his fiance hired an etiquette coach. Man I don't blame him for being pissed. How embarassing! She complains that he shoves food into his mouth and that he is a pig. HELLO WHAT ABOUT HER? She's as big if not bigger than he is! And you should see HER eat! He should have dumped her ass a long time ago. Even the etiquette coach noticed how shitty Dawn was treating her fiance.

Anyway continuing the shitty treatment, the morning before the wedding Dawn gets Jeremy up at 5 am and takes him to a local fitness center (not before berating him for not wearing socks!) so the trainer can run him around and get the water weight off of him so he will fit into his tux. What does she do while he's exercising? She eats a good dozen doughnuts laughing at him. She actually said she thought the whole thing was funny, watching him out there. At dinner the night before the wedding Dawn jumps all over Jeremy at the dining table in front of everyone telling him to "sit there and behave" and then insulting him telling him his fingernails were dirty and that he was disgusting. She was acting like a real bitch. I just kept thinking "man just slap her"

Dawn is also very ungrateful. She dumped EVERYTHING on her matron of honor Nicole, without even thanking her. Her matron of honor is married with a baby and constantly gets all this shit dumped on her. And when Dawn is stuck in traffic and running late she expects Nicole to pick up the slack. She hasked her Nicole to do the seating chart but doesn't like the girl's penmanship and keeps harassing her about her handwriting. The bridesmaid is a very thin girl and her dress is really cute but Dawn is upset that the bridesmaid dress looks so good on her. Of course she is berating her bridsemaid too. Dawn you see is afraid that her bridesmaid looking so good in her dress will take all the attention off of her. She doesn't want ANY man at the wedding looking at anyone but the bride.

I've got news for her, and while I'm not normally critical of someone's looks, because of course NONE of us is perfect, I'm going to be critical of Dawn because walks around acting like she's perfect but she needs to look in the mirror first before she begins putting down her husband. She's extremely obese, everything on her is huge, so while she was sending her fiance to work out maybe she should have been there with him. Maybe if she was so concerned about her bridsemaid looking better than her she should have gone to the gym and tried to improve herself.

Oh and one more thing---AFTER the wedding Dawn and Jeremy went to the hospital to see her mom who had been hospitalized a day earlier. Going in the hospital, you could hear her yelling at him "Quit stepping on my F*CKING DRESS!"

Later, when they were leaving the hospital, Jeremy opened the door for her (see, he did learn something from his hour long etiquette teacher) and when he was helping her into the car she said "Will you just shut up?" and as he closed the door she yelled at him "Can't you do ANYTHING right?"

Man he should dump her sorry ass. Yeah the guy has a lot to learn but he didn't deserve the way she was treating him. She treated him like a DOG not only in private but in PUBLIC too. It was HORRIFYING!

I can tell you this--Dawn is a very insecure woman and it makes HER feel better about herself when she picks on the weaknesses of others. I'd love to see a Bridezilla revisited in five years because I am pretty damn sure that if Jeremy hasn't beat the shit out of her (not that I condone it, but I could certainly see her pushing him to his breaking point) then they will be divorced.

I had to add this one in late. This one is about Brandi.

She and her husband have a tight budget for the wedding yet they are having it in a very luxurious place in a downtown Dallas high-rise. During the filming she said she needed $1,000 for something. Her credit cards are maxed out, her checking account is overdrawn and she wanted to go to one of those sleazy places for a "payday loan" but didn't want them to do a credit check or have to provide them with any of the bank statements or other paperwork they require. Meanwhile she's got this fancy dress, fancy location for her reception and drives a fancy Ford Explorer. I don't get it. I mean she's got NO money but she's having this huge wedding. At least she didn't seem as rude as the others, but man she is just too much.

I know, I didn't have to watch it, but I am glad I did for it reminded me to be thankful I wasn't brought up to behave like these women or treat people they way they do. It is shameful and disgraceful.


  1. Anonymous8/10/2008

    agreed. i can't believe i actually watch this show but boy do i feel bad for Jeremy. he obviously has low self esteem....

  2. I've watched that show. Generally it makes me twitchy. lol

  3. Anonymous8/10/2008

    I see you are living dangerously while V. is gone. LOL--ST

  4. Gag. Like the few times I was unfortunate enough to catch the Jerry Springer POS, I am amazed at the depths people will debase themselves to in order to have their 15 minutes...

  5. Anonymous8/11/2008

    OMG! The first woman looks like a man in drag!--ST

  6. Hey, I got hooked on this too, and have seen all those episodes you described so was like witnessing a really bad traffic accident. You know you should turn away, but you just can't help yourself and you keep watching in disbelief. Be sure to catch the episode with the girl who demands her mother pull out a few thousand clams because she (Bridezilla) has no more funds. The mother was this quiet mousey kind of woman who just didn't have the kahoonas to stand up to her and tell her to "f*ck off". Yes, your mother said it.

    And since you're obviously home with absolutely nothing to do for a week, you'll have to watch Project Runway, and What Not to Wear, and oh yeah....The Food Network with Paula "Ya'll" Deen, and Racheal "EVOO" Ray.

    Oh btw, remind me to tell you about the dream your father had of Michael Jackson.....

  7. Women like that is the very reason they have bullets for guns. Enough said.

  8. and that completes the puzzle.....

  9. The producers of these shows have completely nailed exactly what they were intending. They get folks like us watching, sucked in and screaming at our TV sets all the while completely absorbing the advertising that pays for these train wrecks. Those guys are the real psychiatric geniuses. Maybe if they put their talents in predicting our response to their stimuli to work in the other direction they could actually improve the mental health of their audiences.

    What am I saying? Help people? There's no money in THAT!

    Yep, they got us where we live.

  10. Many of you may have seen this sassy fashionista hailing from Dallas, Teaxs on the widely popular hit-show Bridezilla. Brandi's bubbly personality, southern charm and humor gave us all something to laugh about this season. You may remember her for her fondness of Fried Chicken or her personally choreographed "booty dance" but she is a delightful young woman with a big heart accompanied with big dreams. Brandi graciously agreed to an interview with yours truly to give us a glimpse of Miss Brandi when the camera's stop rolling. To Read The Entire Interview, Click Here or Cut & Paste Into Your Web Browser.

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  12. Anonymous12/28/2008

    I just read an article about Dawn and Jeremy, and Dawn said the producers made her eat the donuts while Jeremy was working out and that she doesn't even like donuts. Yeah right! Who doesn't like tasty, delicious fucking donuts?

  13. Anonymous3/01/2009

    The funny thing is that I saw the first Bridezilla Lisa in my town. I guess she lives around here. No one likes here she is a total bitch. And she looks like gravity and stress have taken control of her face and her body. Looks like karma is a bitch and so is Lisa.

  14. Anonymous3/14/2009

    I can't watch shows like this. I really wanna just smack these people. I just wasted a rerun where Lisa Coppola insulted her fiance Andrew and his contractor Bill. Andrew is an absolute fool for putting up with her.

  15. Anonymous3/14/2009

    They have a lot of growing up to do and will get a dose of humility sooner or later.

  16. Anonymous5/12/2009

    Someone posted this link about Andrew & LIsa which says they have been married 7 yrs and have 3 chldren. Unless the other two were by a previous marriage, that episode with her might be fake for she is an actress with al ist of credits. Someone even mentioned that Andrew may have remarried her so that he could get her to sign the prenup which would probably eliminate whatever he was paying her in case he divorces again. After reading what he does for a living I dont think he is as stupid as that show makes him> What guy would stay with her if she is likethat. It all has to be fake or he is smarter than we think. Go to meet our team and click their profile

  17. Anonymous5/12/2009

    oops here is another link that explains it was fake

  18. Anonymous4/19/2010

    Just wanted to let you know that I know Jeremy, he works in the same building as me and they are processing their divorce. Thank goodness he won't have to deal with her horrendous behavior and treatment anymore.

  19. Anonymous11/29/2010

    I have seen all these shows to. Thank goodness Andrew had an alternative plan Lisa deserves nothing but a straight back chair and a mirror. I also saw Brandi on one of those court shows, she was being sued nonpayment of bills from her wedding is anyone surprised? Glad to hear that Jeremy is making a run for it. He was a big Teddy bear with the mean little girl Dawn pulling his button eyes off. She will end up alone. And that leaves Monica who cried because her mother in-law had the good sense not listen to her when putting together the floral arrangements. I'm sure that she is getting everything she so richly deserves.