Thursday, August 21, 2008

Budget cuts & larger class sizes...go figure...

How did this happen? How do we cut the budget and wind up teaching more students?

Faculty in our department are teaching larger classes than ever before. In fact, course sections all across campus are bursting at the seams. This in the midst of a severe budget cut. Many of these new students are at the upper division level which means they're starting their junior year. Lots of transfer students coming into UF, not every college is cutting admissions. One faculty member is teaching four sections with more than 100 students, another faculty member is teaching 140 in a section where it was once 100. More students = bigger classes, more faculty needed to teach, more office space to house them, more staff to assist them, more upkeep to the infrastructure, more housing on and off campus, higher electricity bills, expanded public transportation, more and better highways..the list goes on and on. A larger population of students affects everything in and around UF. It's about to get really nasty. The population at UF is growing, so fast that we can't handle it. There are students who cannot get the courses they need to graduate. I'm telling you right now, I am very concerned about my future as a student at UF. Given my schedule, I am not as flexible as others in choosing courses. I can't just go to class any time. This is going to be a frightening experience. We've been telling every young person that the means to any kind of future is education, well now they're wanting it and what are we doing to do?

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