Monday, August 18, 2008

Congratulations US Postal Service

...on yet another example of outstanding service.

Over two weeks ago, one of my students paid $4.80 to mail me an important document from New England, via priority mail.. She arrived here before it did. This afternoon, August 18, 2008, I finally received the priority letter envelope postmarked August 5, 2008.

According to the USPS website, priority mail in a regular envelope takes two days and costs $4.75.

Once again I present you yet another efficient government-run agency!


  1. Anonymous8/22/2008

    This is a really frustrating situation, although in my experience it is an infrequent occurrence. After reading this post, I found this site dealing with USPS complaints.

    Many disgruntled patrons are complaining about not receiving forwarded bills, when they should have notified their creditors of their change of address. A few are complaining because the delivery person is wary of their dog (loved the one that said the dog only scratched and didn't break the skin). Some seem to be about personal issues with the carrier. But many of the complaints seem to be legitimate.

    Of course, in this case we can add the UF mailroom to the mix. I wish I had a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, our experience with FedEx this year has been a nightmare on multiple occassions, so that's not even a good alternative.

  2. I once mailed two letters at the same time to the same place, just to see... the regular mail arrived faster than the priority mail. You have to pay the big bucks to get a guaranteed fast delivery.