Saturday, August 30, 2008


I am very happy to see that the Gulf Coast local and state governments as well as the PEOPLE in those areas are taking heed and evacuating the areas about to be hit by Gustav. I am thrilled that New Orleans is handling this evacuation so well. Wrist bracelets with contact info to keep people and their families and pets together, pet carriers available for evacuees, the ability to take your pets with you in the evacuation, this whole thing as it looks now is being handled so much better than with Katrina.

I feel for all the people who will lose their homes (and businesses) in this storm and make no mistake many will lose them and have to start over. Some people on the Gulf Coast are STILL living in FEMA housing, they haven't even rebuilt yet. I cannot even imagine what it is like to have to start all over again. A lot of people have no insurance or do not have enough insurance and for those who have enough insurance, it still doesn't make the loss any less devastating. I wish by some miracle the storm would get weaker and just bring some rain and a little wind, but nothing like what they are predicting. Sadly though, it looks like it's going to be pretty devastating.

I've got a friend down in that area, Jim, who is retired Coast Guard, and his lovely wife Gwen. They spend their retired years taking care of animals in the shelters. They lost their home in Slidell in Katrina and the shelter was lost too. They stayed behind last time to care for the animals, now they are evacuating, the animals are going too. It took them forever to rebuild and I worry they will lose their home and the shelter yet again. Then there's Andi and her family in Mobile, I hope they'll be ok.

Let's all think positive thoughts for the folks in path of this thing.

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  1. Anonymous8/31/2008

    I, like you, am praying this hurricane will continue to weaken. It is a scary thing to lie in the path of one of these storms.--ST