Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am convinced...

that clothing sizes have actually shrunk over the years. Sure I've gained a few pounds over the years, who of us hasn't? But...for some strange reason while we gained weight, the clothes shrank more than they should have. Got a whole bunch of clothes I ordered online today and I'm sorry but the size I ordered could NOT have been the right size. Oh they said it was and I haven't gained weight mind you---those pants were actually the same waist size I wore years ago.

I'm convinced the clothing industry thinks every woman in America is a size 8.

In the meantime I am still "pantless" for my event on Friday. Oy vey!


  1. I've also noticed that sizes have changed over the years. What used to be considered a Medium is now a Large, and a Large is now an X-tra Large. I would hate to think that the clothing industry has screwed around with these sizes just to accomodate all the skinny anorexic young girls.

  2. Anonymous8/16/2008

    I can wear 3 different sizes depending on who makes the clothes. It is sooo frustrating. For that reason, I never order online or from magazines. Looks like you are going to have to make a trip to the mall. This is probably crappy advice, but grab the chocolate and hit the trail!--ST

  3. Sizes have changed over the years, The garment industry has responded to the societal demands to be thin. "Vanity sizing" was introduced by the more expensive clothing lines to soothe the egos of customers. So the size 8 of many years ago is now a size 2. This Boston Globe article sums it up well.

    Less expensive clothing is less likely to reflect this phenomenon. And a lot of clothing is manufactured outside of the country, which makes the old standards less likely to hold true. This makes it very difficult to shop online unless you already know how a certain manufacturer's clothing fits you. My good suits are a size 2. I was a size 3 in high school and I was a lot smaller then. My other clothes are sizes 4-6. All of them fit me, and my weight just doesn't fluctuate that much.

    I believe that a good old fashioned shopping spree is in order here. JC Penney is having a huge sale this weekend. ST is right, grab the chocolate and let's go shopping! Let me know if you want to hit the mall one night next week. ~RQ

  4. Red Queen, if you bring up your size 2 again I'm going to kidnap you, bring you home with me and force feed you pasta!