Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In a better place

I kinda felt bad when Lynn from the Animal Shelter arrived at the house this morning and picked up the little smoke colored kitty. She understood though that we just couldn't have a third cat for several reasons. She did get to see our kitties and thought they were so cute (of course they are). I asked DH to give her $100 cash when she picked up the kitty so that it would help take care of her. Lynn called me at work and told me that the $$ would indeed help, it would buy some canned food and pay for her to be spayed which would make her more likely to be adopted by an individual or a rescue organization. I thought "well the kitty could be running around free and not in a kennel" but if she were running free she would 1) have been caught in the tropical storm, 2) possibly be picked up by a hawk, or 3) hit by a car. No way could we let that happen. Even though she's in a little kennel, she's still better off. I hope someone adopts her soon.

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