Saturday, August 02, 2008

This is what happens... a society where the government promotes the idea that it is ok NOT to use common sense and good judgment...

Bar Bouncer turns away Washington Governor; She lacked ID

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire (GREG'-wahr) is taking it as a compliment: She was turned away from a bar in the state capital because she couldn't prove she's of legal age to drink.

The 61-year-old governor and her staff had served burgers at the annual Capital Lakefair last weekend and afterward went to a downtown Olympia bar called Hannah's to celebrate.

Gregoire says the man checking identifications at the door told her she couldn't get in without ID, even when others pointed out she's Washington's governor. So she went home, but her husband, Mike, went in. The governor tells Seattle's KING-TV she feels complimented the bouncer thought she might be under 21.

Hannah's owner, Todd Ruzicka, says his 23-year-old part-time bouncer needs more training.

Information from: KING-TV,

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  1. Anonymous8/04/2008

    She took the gracious way out..most other people probably would have caused a big scene.