Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I had a meeting with the President of my College yesterday and he asked me to be the surprise guest at the welcome back convocation in three weeks. I am going to speak in front of hundreds of faculty and students. This all stems from an email I sent him letting him know how much I have gotten out of my education there and how wonderful I think the programs and faculty are, and how important I think the college is to the community and the university system overall. Santa Fe is in the top ten community colleges in the country, it's open campus program is growing, it is an excellent school, and it is my privilege to be able to speak to the faculty and students about my experiences there.

Wow I'm still stunned that the President thinks I have something so worthwhile to say that he wants EVERYONE at the college to hear it!


  1. Anonymous8/05/2008

    I'm very proud, but not surprised!--ST

  2. ST beat me to it lol!! I am so proud that he wants you to speak in front of all those students and faculty. They should feel honored!

  3. Excellent, Jess! I could tell you enjoy school and know you are a good student. You'll be a fine representative.