Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Nicolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) was a political theorist, author, humanist. He wrote a book titled "The Prince" which became a classic in political thought. In that book he wrote of the importance that a Prince be a moral person but that he might also come upon situations where he might need to act what would be percieved as immoral in order to protect the interests of his state. He believed that "necessity" instrumented political decisions which went against normal morality. As leader of the state the prince was responsible for preserving the existence of the state first.

And so it had me thinking...about how that applies in America today. Machiavelli was right. Sometimes leaders are forced to make decisions that may harm the citizens but preserve the existence of the state. Very interesting. Any thoughts?

Also....Machiavelli wrote about liberty and he believed that liberty stemmed directly from the conflict between the classes.

Which makes me wonder, if all citizens were equal, and there were no classes, would there still be liberty?

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  1. it would be called communism or stateism and no, there would not be any liberty left.