Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Michael Savage pissed me off...

...with his remarks about Sarah Palin. He said she was an insult to women everywhere. He talked about her lack of experience and said American women want a woman (in that position) they can look up to, for instance a woman like Kay Bailey Hutchison. (No offense to Mrs. Hutchison but I prefer a new younger crowd in office). Michael Savage's callers, many of them women, made rude remarks about how Palin should be at home with her children and asking "how will she take care of her children if she is elected?" One woman even called her husband a wimp. Why? Because his wife is governor and he's not? Please! What? Women can't multitask?

HELLO! WOMEN HAVE BEEN MULTITASKING SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME!!! Hell, in the old days women who were widowed or abandoned took control of the childrearing, children's education, family finances and even the family business. So don't tell ME women can't do both. They have been doing both since the beginning.

Let's not forget, Sarah Palin isn't the only parent in that family, her husband Todd shares in the parenting responsibilities too. How about some talk about that? In this day and age where we encourage men to be an active part of their children's upbringing, where we encourage a fair sharing of responsibilities in parenting, where more and more men are spending more and more quality time with their children, it seems outrageous that so many are suddenly chastising a woman for her choices to have a career outside the home. Isn't this what we as women have fought for all these years? The chance to have the opportunity to do both, or at least try it?

This outrage about Sarah Palin having children and possibly being VP has me thinking about another VP...Al Gore.....who was just 45 when he was elected Vice President. At that time, his children were 20, 16, 14, and 11. Not once did we hear a peep about that. Why is that you ask? Oh that's because Tipper was at home caring for the children. Actually who really cared for the children? Did the school age children have a nanny? Did Tipper sit down and help them with their homework? Clean the house? Iron their clothes for school? Who knows? And is it our business? No. For the most part, the Gore children have turned out pretty good and it's none of our business how that happened.

I think some of the angst about Sarah Palin neglecting her children to run for office comes from the fact that traditionalists still feel that the woman is responsible for the children and should be at home taking care of them. I say if that's the way you want it fine, but don't sit there and make the claim that a woman cannot be a mother AND Vice President of the United States.

The bitching and whining about Governor Palin is getting old now. On one hand we've got Dems whining about Governor Palin's daughter being pregnant at 17 (whose business is it of ours and how is it even relevent to the campaign?) and on the other hand we've got Republicans complaining that either she doesn't have enough experience or that she should be home with her children instead. I'm tired of hearing that, talk about setting women back a few centuries? Home with the children? Sure, if that's what you want. But if Sarah Palin can do both, I say good for her.

How much experience do we want? Being a senator or representative does not automatically make one a good candidate for Vice President or even President. If anyone has the qualifications for the those offices I would say a Governor does. A Governor has the executive experience, the leadership abilities and the know-how to lead people, to make decisions that get the job done. Now Sarah Palin has only been Governor for a year and nine months but apparently the people of Alaska like her, and for a reason. I don't know what kind of Vice President she will make, but like Governor Palin, I too am asking the question "what does the Vice President do?" considering that in eight years we haven't seen much of Cheney and prior to that what in hell did Al Gore do for eight years?

It takes time to groom a person for the Presidency. No position in the world is like that of the US President and I don't think you can adequately prepare anyone for the office. Even John McCain, should he be elected, with all his years experience in the Senate won't prepare him for what lies ahead. So why are we worried about Sarah Palin? Are we really concerned that something might happen to John McCain if he's elected and she won't have enough experience to take over for him? How many Vice Presidents in this country have had to take over after something happened to the President? Plenty of them.

Despite what Michael Savage says about women wanting to vote for someone they can look up to, I don't think that's important. What we women want is what men want, someone honest with integrity and values, with America's best interests at heart, someone who is firm but fair, tough when necessary, a good negotiator, listener and not afraid to entertain new ideas and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, even if it costs them.

I feel that Sarah Palin, being just a few years older than me, probably represents my generation more than anyone else who is running for office and frankly, it's my generation that is going to have to figure out how to solve the problems set before us. With our baby boomer parents retiring, it's now up to their children to take over. And right now, what we have is a mess.

Governor Palin is young, fresh and vibrant, she's what we NEED. Forget the two major things you disagree with her on for a moment (which for many is her stance on abortion and gay marriage). She's educated and smart, she has a strong marriage, a large family, a special needs child, a pregnant teenage daughter, and a soldier son (meaning...she's just like any other American). She didn't grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth, she went from small town mayor to Governor, which is NOT easy for someone without years of experience in the political arena. She is smart and likeable a good negotiator but not afraid to tangle with the big boys when necessary. She's also not a Washington insider, which in my opinion should be a HUGE plus on her part. When you take away the fact that she hasn't spent half her life in Congress like everyone else, you sort of have to ask yourself what's the problem here?

Sure I disagree with her stance on a few things but hell I can't remember one single politician in all my years of voting that didn't have some stance I disagreed with. I'm not a single issue voter, I vote for the overall package and in my book, Sarah Palin is the real deal. I only wish she were running for President and not McCain but hopefully if he wins, she will balance him out, they will run a good, honest and fiscally responsible administration keeping America's best interests at heart.


  1. I applaud you! (and agree with you :)

  2. Anonymous9/03/2008

    Being that she is only one heartbeat away from the presidency, and obviously still very fertile, why would you want a woman whose horomones just might go a little haywire and start WWIII? Hence the reason she should be at home playing little Holly Homemaker..........

  3. I could not have said it any better. i agree with you 100% and what makes anonymous think it will be a woman that will statr WWIII we have enough idiots in there now that can do that.

  4. Anonymous9/03/2008

    Thanks Pa! I appreciated that remark very much. I'm sick to death of hearing that women's hormones would start a war.

    As far as your commentary goes, Jess. I love it! I really like Sarah Palin. I like that she is an average American. I like her integrity. I would like her even better at the top of the ticket. So much for the "one heartbeat away" whine!--ST

  5. Believe it or not Jess, I agree with you and ST, and Pa. Being a lifelong Democrat doesn't mean I agree with my party now, and frankly, it's embarrasing to think they would be this petty. They're using anything they can to discredit Sarah Palin, and they can't do it. If we ever have a world war again, a man will put us there, I'm sure of that.
    And what's the deal with anonymous?? Don't they know they've crossed over into dangerous territory with those words?

  6. Uh...I think Anonymous's remark was intended to be tongue-in-cheek.~RQ

  7. If that's the case then...never mind..guess I've become very defensive over the years.

  8. I for one have been most turned off by this insistence that she can't do the job while she has children. While I am for parents raising their own kids as much as is possible, I have no problem with Dads raising the kids and Mom working. And I also take into account that these kids aren't being handed off to the ubiquitous daycare worker, they'll be afforded top notch of everything and while Mom WILL be very busy, she's not the president. She will get to be with her kids. Especially when you consider that she is somewhat well known for bringing her children to the office with her. If there is any job where one might have the power to facilitate that, I'm thinking the Veep job would be it. Not to mention that those kids will be in a unique position for a few years of their upbringing that should afford them some great education.
    One other thing that galls me is how the left has always been so enamored with telling women how they can "have it all" and they can rule the world, etc. Apparently, that only applies to Liberal women. Here is a conservative woman, living all their rhetoric, (except the part about sleeping with anything that wiggles and then aborting whatever comes of it) and suddenly the feminists are shouting "How dare she?" These are the ones that call themselves "accepting"? Hardly. I agree with you Jess, she's a breath of fresh air and I'm glad to see someone of my age bracket on the ticket.