Saturday, September 27, 2008

One of the strangest dreams yet....though not the strangest.

The dream....

I worked late and was heading to my parents house when I noticed traffic on the lonely country highway was backed up quite a bit. Apparently men had stopped traffic both ways and were robbing people. A man got out of his vehicle and I guess wouldn't submit to the robbery and he was shot in the head. Somehow I keep thinking "I have to protect my money" but I have nowhere to hide it. Eventually I am walking that road, near the woods though so I am not seen. There's a woman walking and she is sick and I tell her to come with me. I remember very clearly I terrified of being murdered by these perps. I think that at one point I had a gun to my head but I don't remember too well. I do remember I was angry that these men were threatening people so.

Next thing I know I am at my parents house, it is quiet, lights are on. This woman there tells me she will let me live if I pay her. But I get away from her, I want to kill her. I go into their bedroom and both of my parents are dead. No blood, but there's what appears to be a small hole in each of their right temples. They are laying there not moving. I am sobbing, I go to my dad's nightstand to find his gun but I can't seem to get the damn thing to fire. Finally I go over to my parents and leaning over and dad opens one eye, he's alive. He shows me where his .357 Magnum is. I go over to the nightstand, get it out, it's got this big barrel that I have to hold (it's a flexible barrel, imagine that??) and I am holding it and I begin shooting, it's an automatic and I'm shooting holes in all the walls because there are three bad guys there, two men and a woman and I am doing everything I can to kill them. My mom and dad both wake up, they are not injured, the bullets do not hit their brain, so they are ok. They are up now.

I run outside and am shooting everything in sight and hitting it too. I see their next door neighbor Butch and I yell to him to call the police. He does then he comes over and helps me figure out what happend. I think I killed the perps though I can't find their bodies.

Next thing I know my parents are ok, my sister is there. Then I am in the town near where my parents live, I am on the street with my hands full and need a ride. I see the sheriff and ask him for a ride but he says "we're sending a car for your family to take them home" (but they were already home!) and so I began walking. I knew they would want to talk to me about what happened.

Next thing I remember, I am talking to a friend, whom I work with. We're walking down the street and he tells me about this invasion from Granada and some other place and I said yes that happened at my house. And he's listening to this story as we're walking down the street. He's mortified over what I told him. Then this Asian girl we're walking with is pulled up into the trees by these guys and they are going to beat her and murder her. We eventually pull her out of the tree. Next thing I know we're at a ceremony honoring someone because there are a bunch of police there. They're missing this "medal of valor" they want to give to someone in the general public, though I don't know who and I ask this girl I know, she was younger than me back in high school, if she would drive home and get the medal.

This was a horrible dream. My parents murdered? Then alive? I was terrified of being murdered by these thugs? I take my dad's gun and play "Dirty Harriet??"

I didn't eat or drink anything unusual. But I have dreams like this all the time. I'll tell people who know me best "I had the strangest dream last night" and their answer is always "so what else is new".

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  1. Wow Jess, you really need someone to interpret these dreams. Dreams can foretell an event, and can also represent something that's going on in your life. Remember that old dream book Grams had years ago? I'll ask her if she's still got it at home.