Friday, September 05, 2008

RIP Coasties...

This is a terrible story about a Coast Guard helo which crashed near the Coast Guard Base at Sand Island last night, killing three crew and with a fourth missing. They were conducting maneuvers with one of the patrol boats from the small boat station located at Base Honolulu.

I was stationed at the Base at Sand Island some 21 years ago and it was typical to take the 41's out several times a month for training with the helos from CG Air Station Barbers Point. We'd practice search and rescue maneuvers with the helo crew for several hours, usually at night.

These practice maneuvers are important for they help Coasties fine tune their SAR procedures so that others may be saved.

And now the ones who save lives have lost theirs. So sad.

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  1. More heroes who still never get enough credit for the work they do. God bless their families.