Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Take it, it's yours...

You know what? I'm thinking of just giving my entire paycheck to the federal government so they can do with it what they want. I mean, shit, I don't need it, right?

I'll just hand it over to them and they can give back to me what they think I need to live on. I mean they're already giving my hard-earned tax dollars away to corporate America and the rest of the world, why don't I just save them the time of deducting it and giving me what's left and I'll just hand it over.

Here Unca Sam, have fun, enjoy, hope all the little people near and far, all the big fat corporate blockheads, and the rest of the world enjoy my little piece of the American Dream.


  1. Anonymous9/17/2008

    I feel the same way and powerless to do anything about it. ~ ST

  2. What? You didn't want to buy a giant chunk of the failed mortgage market, or own your own piece of a bankrupt investment company? I don't get it.

    Not only has our government been irresponsible, but the American public continues to ignore the role of economics in keeping the American Dream alive and well.

    Did you know that Lehman Brothers survived the Great Depression? But they can't survive this "not really a recession" recession?

    I'm afraid we are in for some very challenging times. Hold on to your hats...they may be all we have left, soon.