Monday, October 06, 2008

I chose a fourth amendment issue...

Gosh why does coming up with an idea for a research paper have to be so time consuming? In the American Law course, I wanted to write about something relevant. Anything Constitution-related is very relevant. I'm a huge supporter of the work of the IJ (Institute for and four years ago I did a paper on eminent domain abuse and this time I'm going to focus on the fourth amendment violations in rental inspections. I'm citing three cases, "Brumberg v. City of Marietta", "Black v. Village of Park Forest", and "Stewart v. City of Red Wing". Basically we have cities whose officials passed ordnances calling for mandatory inspections of rental properties or suffer the consequences---which for landlords meant they would be refused rental licenses, which would result in lost revenue from property that would not be rentable and/or tenants who would be forced onto the streets with hardly any notice. Anyway, it was a clear violation of the fourth amendment with "unreasonable search"...

Gotta love the government eh?

Anyway, the cases are already passed, but they are so interesting and I think the precedent they set is important.

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