Saturday, October 18, 2008

If you're that dumb, maybe you should attempt...

There's this commercial on TV about a new type of refrigerator, I believe it's an Electrolux. The woman in the commercial daydreams about all the creative ways in which she would dispose of the old fridge. She envisions pushing it off a cliff, a crane tossing it, a train running over it on the tracks, and several other rather humorous ways in which to destroy the appliance. On the bottom of the television screen in each scene where the old fridge is being destroyed are the words "DO NOT ATTEMPT"

Now that has me wondering. Who attempted it which made the company have to resort to putting that message on the screen? I'm wondering...along the way did someone somewhere attempt to throw their large kitchen appliance over a cliff or connect it to a crane to be tossed hundreds of feet in the air?

I just love commercials that are kind enough to include the caveat letting us know we shouldn't do this or that because we might hurt ourselves. All I can think is that if one is stupid enough to attempt it, maybe they need to get hurt. I mean, sometimes that's the only way a person can learn a valuable lesson.


  1. Funny you should mention that now..I just saw that the other day and had the same thought!

  2. My daughter and I laugh at that every time!