Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pork, pork and more pork added to senate bill...

Tonight I was listening to the Savage Nation and Mike was playing exerpts of Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein's speeches on the Senate Floor. They've been discussing the "Financial Markets Bill" and Boxer was talking about how thrilled she is that they're including $100 billion for mental health care, tax breaks, aid to rural schools (latter added by republicans)....... Then you've got Dianne Feinstein talking about high speed rail for the state of California being included in the bill, as well as a prohibition on cell phones on trains...and a bunch of other crap.

Feinstein said her office received 91,000 phone calls and emails from her state of California and 85,000 of them were opposed to the measure, but that there is a great deal of confusion, and people don't understand.

Don't understand? Well no wonder, when this is supposed to bail out Wall Street so Main Street (I hate that phrase) can start moving again, and we're throwing in money for mental health care, a high speed rail for the state of California, aid to rural schools, and all this other crap.

Yeah the people don't understand what all this SHIT (aka pork) has to do with the bailout or the ailing economy.

Yeah Barbara why don't you explain it to us since we're so friggin stupid.


  1. Anonymous10/02/2008

    So they have taken an expensive bailout plan and made it even more expensive. That's our government working against us!--ST

  2. Anonymous10/03/2008

    No wonder the public is angry. Even in the midst of this huge economic crisis, our "representatives" can't keep their fingers out of the till. ~RQ

  3. Tax breaks for rum producers, importers of wooden arrows(?) Oversight that can complain, but not change anything. Bad loans that have been sold to overseas concerns can be bought by our Government, as long as the loans originated by the cutoff date (I dont remember it exactly.) They're allowing judges to renegotiate mortgages to "preserve home ownership" Home ownership is not a right, it's a privelege and a responsibility. If individuals can't manage their finances, they should suck it up and take the hit. Instead we are being fed a shit sandwich so that the idiots down the street can keep the house they can't afford.

    I'm feeling good and f**ked right about now, how 'bout you?