Sunday, October 12, 2008

The weight loss challenge, so far so good...

So far I've done pretty good this week on my weight watchers. I am proud of the progress. Except for the cramps I'm having :( I feel pretty good!

DH brought home a Publix cheesecake Friday night and I thought about having some, it was on my mind, then it disappeared---and I did not touch the cheesecake at all!!!

Also we had a doc's appointment (routine checkups) last Tuesday and we were late going home, DH stopped at a drive-thru but I did NOT have anything, I waited till we got home!

My weakness was Friday night on the way home, we stopped and all I had was a McD's french fry, yes a large, it was 13 points. They were good but really I didn't enjoy them like I once did. I also logged them on my weight watchers journal.

I went over a little on my points today when I had a few pieces of cheese--got some mozzarella and kerrygold from Ireland in the Publix imported cheese aisle, but cheese is better than cheesecake, sugar or chocolate right? I will probably wind up with an average of 35 points per day when my WW week ends MOnday night. My daily limit is 30 points but you get an extra 35 for the seven day period. So basically if you divide up the extras, it comes out ok. Basically one point = approximately 50 calories so I'm getting about 1700 per day.

For the new week which begins Tuesday I'd like to focus on not using the extra 35 weekly points at all. This means I gotta keep my daily count at no more than 30, or if I go over one day, I have to cut back that much on the next.

Let's hope another two pounds comes off by Tuesday morning. I jumped on the scale Saturday morning and I had lost 1.7 pounds BUT...that's not my weigh day so I have to wait.

What are my weaknesses? Things I have to work on? Here are this weeks' goals.

1) Taking breaks at work and doing at least ten minutes walks on those breaks 2-3 times a day.
2) Snacking---be careful! Stay away from starches and sugars, eat more fruit or drink water when hungry!
3) Plenty of sleep...go to bed at 9 pm even on study nights.
4) Switch from International Delight French Vanilla Creamer in regular coffee at work to french vanilla flavored coffee and plain carnation coffeemate creamer which is much less in sugar and calories
5) Eat everything I bring with my lunch--no skimping!
6) Stick to the 30 points per day.

Wish me luck.


  1. Anonymous10/12/2008

    You are doing great! It is really hard to stick with an eating program. I've helped my honey do it for many years. I'll be pulling for ya.~ST

  2. Oh, Publix and all there little "speciality" stuff...evil! I tell ya, EVIL!