Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's to know? I know it all already LOL!

So I've got to spend eight hours on Monday, November 10th at Transfer Preview. I tried telling the Preview people that I've worked there fifteen years and I handle admissions, advising, registration, you name it, I know how to do it. But no---it doesn't matter. They tell me that when i go to transfer preview I will learn about all the crap I already know. Yes advisement will be just about the only thing that I will actually get out of it, but even there I'm ahead because I've been in touch with advisors and the undergrad coordinator for over a year now. I've already got my registration date, classes picked out, and adjusted my work schedule to them. I've already got a Gator 1 ID because I'm staff, I have my staff parking decal, I don't need to know where to live or places to eat on campus or any of that...

What I find really funny is the immunization requirement. I've been exposed to thousands of students over the years from nearly every country in the world---and now I've got to prove I don't carry measles or rubella so I can register for classes. Yes I get why they require it but uh---how can I be exposed to thousands of students from around the world for the past fifteen years and NOT need it because I am staff but as soon as I include "student" in my profile, I have to have it.

If you can explain you win the grand prize.

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  1. Anonymous10/24/2008

    Explanation: The public education system is like the political system. They know what is best for you. Don't try to think for yourself. You aren't capable of coming up with the right answers on your own.~ST