Sunday, November 30, 2008

The lack of human decency...

I've been mulling over the terrible incident in Valley Stream, NY where hundreds of Wal Mart shoppers trampled 34-year old Jdimytai Damour to death as they stormed into the store for the latest gadgets and goodies. I just can't get it out of my mind that human beings could act this way. If these people have a conscience, they will always have to live with the fact that they killed an innocent human being for a video game or plasma television. That is if they have a conscience, which is debatable considering no one stopped to help him.

I cringe when I think that there are people out there who value material goods over human lives. It's just hard to believe that a man could be trampled and NOBODY would stop to help him. People who behave like this are savages, there's just no other words I can find right now to describe them. I suppose I should not be surprised though, Americans are becoming desensitized more and more every day, the younger generation already seems to be there. Violence, destruction, cruelty--none of it phases them. Why? They're used to it. It's everywhere and it's glorified.

When Jdimytai Damour died, he wasn't harming anyone, he was just trying to do his job, in an effort to take care of himself and his family. Like the rest of us, he was just trying to grab his share of the American Dream, only in one moment it was shattered. It was shattered because of materialism, greed, and a complete lack of conscience and human decency.

I hope every single person who stormed through those doors that morning has to live with this guilt for the rest of their life.

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  1. Anonymous12/03/2008

    I couldn't agree more, but I am disturbed that his family is sueing Walmart. I don't believe they hold any responsibility for this tragedy.~ST