Saturday, November 29, 2008

Men who don't take care of their children...

There's a lot of things that suck in this world but one of the worst is a man who won't take care of his children. I've got a really good friend who isn't just a friend, she's like a member of my family, I've known her about 18 years now, we met through her old roommate who was one of my coworkers, we became instant friends and we went through a lot together! Long time ago she met the man of her dreams or so she thought and married him, and we all thought they would be so happy. I don't know what changed, but something did. He turned out to be an asshole and they divorced. He's in the military and makes good money but does not want to help pay to support his kids and refuses to see them.

My friends is a real survivor, trust me, she's educated, smart, and she's motivated, she does what it takes to take care of herself and her kids. But times are tough and damnit she shouldn't have to go this alone. All I can say is what comes around goes around. In the meantime my friend is so awesome for continuing to be a great mom to her kids!

Kudos girl!


  1. Anonymous12/02/2008

    You just summed up my life story, only I was the kid. Well, guess what? Once I was grown he wanted to be a "Dad" again. Too little, too late!

    Having survived to rough parts I can now look back and realize I was better off not having his influence in my life. Kids aren't stupid. It's his loss.~ST