Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another slimy collection agency on the prowl...

Progressive Management Systems 1-866-767-8320 bills itself as a collection agency however what they really do is continuously harass (illegally I might add) unsuspecting law-abiding citizens demanding to speak with someone who may or may not live there, demanding payment for a bill which may or may not be valid, and insisting that the person they are calling give them a social security number so they can validate whether or not the person they've called is the person they're looking for.

This company is contacting my parents by phone constantly asking for my mother but giving a Miami address. We haven't lived in Miami in nearly 30 years! My father told these people they have the wrong number, wrong person, and asks them to identify themselves and they refuse to do that and continue to call. They also demand my dad give them mom's social security number so they can verify it's NOT her! My father of course refuses and they get nasty with him and so dad called me...because he knows I thrive on blogging about cons like this.

Progressive Management Systems is an agency with offices in Massachusetts, Nevada and California. They has been sued on several occasions in regards to their violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), one of the few pieces of legislation designed to protect we the citizens against companies like Progressive. There are the cases of Eddie Wayne Hutchison v. Progressive Management Systems, Inc., Homay v. Progressive Management Systems, Inc. , and Dileo v. Progressive Management Services.

A search of the Nevada Secretary of State Corporate Records shows that the company is also known as "R.M. Galicia, Inc" and Tim Banta is Director and President. The Treasurer is Rodolfo Galicia and the Secretary is William Gutierrez. Their address is listed as 1521 W. Cameron Ave, 1st Floor, Covina, CA 91790. The phone number is (626) 813-6200

R.M. Galicia is listed as a "foreign corporation" and they have also been sued for violation of the FDCPA as in Homay v. R.M. Galicia, Keeling v. R.M. Galicia, Hyman v. Verizon Wireless LLC and R.M. Galicia, Rivas v. R.M. Galicia, Buchanan v. R.M. Galicia, Woodward v. R.M. Galicia, Gibson v. R.M. Galicia, and Dawson v. R.M. Galicia....just to name a few.

If you really want to piss some people there off, you can always contact Kristina Cabral, Client Liaison at PMS. Her number is 800-258-7482 ext 6109 and her email is or you can contact Michelle Taylor at ext 6006. Her email is

Do some research online for these two companies, the complaints are endless.

If you're contacted by PMS, this is what you do--tell them to stop calling you. If they continue, send them a certified letter w/return receipt requesting to cease calls. File a a complaint with the attorney general in your state and file a complaint with the federal trade commission. Click here for the FTC's complaint site, they walk you through it, it's very simple!

The bottom line is they are crooks who make their money attempting to scare people into paying debts that are either not owed, never existed, or past the statute of limitations. This is fraud and citizens have rights. The only way to put these people out of business is for the people they prey upon to do something about it!

Anyway when I dig up more I'll let you know...


  1. Anonymous12/18/2008

    I just had a phone call this very morning from a different company trying to get a hold of a relative. I don't know if they are bogus or not, but I don't give out info on my relatives or friends.~ST

  2. The "dummy" from 8/16/2012, you are the type of person I like. Let me get your home address, and I'm going to send you a bill for $5000.00 and say you owe me. You really need to wake up and smell the coffee! Anyone can be calling or writing saying that you owe a bill, you must make sure they can prove that you do... I don't believe someone is trying not to pay, you just making sure it is the correct person you need to pay. "Wake-Up".

  3. Progressive Management Systems have called my parent's and this morning they called my landlord. I have never received anything by mail from this company. They proceeded to tell my mother that if I don't call back and pay them I will be in contempt of court. They also told my landlord they were trying to find me to collect money that I owed. For what I don't know. Terribly embarrassing. They won't stop calling. They do have my current address and phone number it's on my credit report. I also know they have that because they verified it with my landlord. So why are they harassing my parent's and my landlord, how they got a hold of them is beyond me. I am so frustrated right now.