Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crucifix offensive to Muslims?

Before you get all up in arms, remember there are many a good Muslim who are not at all offended by Christian customs.......this is just an overly protective PC move by British officials.

According to this story, a British prison has banned the crucifix in a newly built chapel so as to avoid offending Muslim inmates. According to a source: "On one side of the room there are heated foot baths for the Muslim inmates, but on the other side there is this silly little movable alter that can be hidden away at a moment’s notice."

Why would it be necessary to hide an altar in a moment's notice?

I think there's a huge misconception about what mainstream Muslims believe about Jesus. Muslims do not see Jesus as having been an infidel. In fact, in Islam, Jesus is believed to be a messenger of God who was sent to guide the children of Israel. Muslims also believe Jesus was born of a virgin and that the birth was miraculous. They believe that he ascended alive into Heaven, but they do not believe he was crucified. Muslims do not believe in the Trinity, that Jesus is the son of God, rather they believe him to have been a prophet. They also believe Jesus will come back someday and defeat the antichrist.

The crucifix was left out this prison chapel at the suggestion of an Imam, a Muslim spiritual leader. It seems crazy that any spiritual leader of any religion would be so intolerant of the beliefs of others. This means either the idea of having a crucifix in the chapel is being blown out of proportion by the usual ultra-sensitive and overly PC Brits or---the Imam is not really a spiritual leader at all, but a hate-mongering, religious fanatic. Take your pick.

All I can say is that a multitude of religions exist on this earth and it's time that all faiths were respected or we respect none at all.

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  1. Gee, I have to choose between a religious nut and the politically correct British? I choose both. This is on the verge of insanity. ++Mel