Saturday, December 27, 2008

Felix the cat goes to the vet...

As you know, Felix is the domestic shorthair kitty kat who chose our property as his new home. We call him Felix because well--he looks like a Felix. We got him into a carrier (my goodness that kitty has a set of vocal cords!) on the morning after Christmas and took him to the folks at Suwannee Oaks Animal Clinic (here's a shoutout to our favorite vet of nearly 30 years!!). He got a physical, bloodwork testing for feline leukemia and AIDS and he was neutered. The vet staff said he is in perfect health!

Vin picked him up from the vet several hours later and when he got him home we let him out and into one of the spare bedrooms with the door closed. He looked around a bit, fell over here and there because he was still drugged up, but otherwise he recovered really well. He was so cute, let us pick him up and snuggle with him. Normally he lets us pet him, he meows and does his little rolling around routine, but this time he let us do whatever else we wanted with him LOL. Yes, it was the drugs LOL. Good drugs too!

We let him outside the next day and ever since he's been coming back regularly (as he did before) to eat and drink and play a little. It would be nice if we could foster him inside until we find someone to adopt him but Peeps and Pebs won't have it. So until then I've got to make sure we keep an eye out for him, that no harm comes to him.

The vet said that Felix is about 12-14 months old, we knew he was young but not that young. I think he'd be terrific around people and other cats who are non-aggressive and not all that territorial. If you could see him in person, he's so adorable, I mean you look at him and you just want to take him home, seriously. But everyone I talk to has a pretty good reason why they can't take him. All I need is someone with one good reason why they can! I've emailed everyone I know with the flyer and I'm going to post them at publix and around town. I would like to adopt him out to someone I know that way I can see him. I mean, we've gotten attached to him, and well we just want to know something about the people who adopt him.

We're willing to transport him to get him to a good home. We'd go as far north as Savannah, as far west as Tallahassee, and as far south as Sebring so that covers pretty good territory. But I'm hoping someone here in our own backyard (so to speak) will want him.

Think good thoughts will ya?


  1. Anonymous12/31/2008

    You're such a sweetheart. I'm still on the lookout for a home for Felix.~ST

  2. I knew all this was going to happen when you first told me about him coming to the house. I could have saved you so much time deciding what to do lol I also know how this story will end, and it will have a good ending, so don't worry. But I think I'll let you find out on your own.