Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hi my name is Jess and I'm addicted to...


and it is so pathetic.

Oh it isn't just me, everyone I've sent the URL to is now addicted. Just when you think you finally found the "it" picture, the "one" that is the funniest damn one you've ever seen...along comes one on the next page that has you laughing so hard you either pee your pants, spew (insert current drink of choice) on your computer screen, or both.

I showed this to a coworker one day, we look at a few pics, she's laughing, I go back to my office, then two hours later I go back down to see her and she's on page 27....the problem is there's a nearly INFINITE number of pages of these cat pics!

And this is just "LOL Cats" I haven't even visited "LOL Dogs" yet!


  1. Anonymous12/25/2008

    Thanks for sharing the addiction!~ST

  2. Yeah, we are too! I even got my husband the LOL Cats book!

  3. oh, that is just too cute!