Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now that I'm on my way...

Well, I'm finished with one college degree and moving on to another. I'm an "A" student with a 3.64 GPA and graduating with honors and accepted to one of the best Universities in the country, having earned straight A's in the courses required for admission. I beat the pants off other students in my major courses with my critical thinking and writing skills. You gotta love it when you're the one who sets the curve for the course!

And to think---back in that small rural high school, people didn't like me because I wasn't like them.

To think there were teachers who didn't believe in me and thought I wouldn't amount to anything because I got into trouble a few times.

To think about how many of my schoolmates treated me----the ones who wouldn't sit with me on the school bus, didn't invite me to spend the night at their house, didn't want to go to the prom or dances with me, shunned me because I didn't wear the latest designer clothes, didn't join all the cool clubs, wasn't an athlete, cheerleader or in the band, and didn't participate in beauty pageants.

And there were the boys who used to ridicule me publicly, calling me names and embarassing me when I did stupid things to get into trouble. And ahh yes, the girls with their noses stuck up in the air because they were supposedly better than me. They were the popular gals who were cheerleaders, played sports, wore the nice clothes, had the cool boyfriends, drove their own cars, and I envied them.

Oh, and the parent of a friend who forbid her daughters to hang out with me because I was a "bad influence" because I did a few stupid things. They couldn't even stand next to me in the lunch line. I wasn't violent, never did drugs or alcohol, just stupid kid stuff, not the kind of stuff to rub off on others. She didn't like me yet her kids were doing stupid things too.

It wasn't until my senior year that I felt I was accepted. I was editor of the school paper, joined the yearbook staff, people read my stuff, they liked it. And then we graduated and all was forgotten.

Until ten years later at the first reunion when suddenly everyone was talking to me, they liked me. They liked my military service, they thought I was pretty, they could see I was nice and I was smart. To them I was somebody. For me, I was just being me, but they were seeing someone they never saw before, someone they never wanted to see before.

And now it's been over twenty years and I've since been over it. My friends Susan, Jeanette and KY have discussed our younger days in school, when they were popular and I wasn't, and how they all had their own share of problems like I did, only who knew? They were among what I call "the nice kids", they never mocked me, or anyone else. You remember people like that. When we became friends years later, it was meant to be for they are very dear to me and I to them.

What's past is past and I look back now and think how silly we all acted back then!

But despite getting over the past, which I have done, there's something I must do, that I've always wanted to do, and now I can. It's something I must say to all the others--the ones who thought they were better than me. Call it payback!

I know Susan, KY, and Jeanette, my dear friends, who know me all too well will understand why I must do it, just once....for me...


  1. That was GREAT

  2. I love it Jess!

  3. Anonymous12/11/2008

    It's a shame that kids get caught up in stupidity and can't see the true value of people. I wish that as parents we could draw from the lessons we learned growing up and teach our kids better. Some parents do and some don't.

    I'm so proud of you for all the hard work you have put into school and for reaching for your dreams. But most of all I love the person you are. The thoughtful and caring person who tries to help every person and critter that comes along.

    I'm proud to count you as one of my dearest friends. Love ya, ST

  4. Jess, I LOVE your blog today! Girl, you have come SO FAR and come out ontop! You have grown into such a wonderful, caring, giving person. You have a HUGE heart and would bend over backwards to help ANYONE!

    Yah, how do you loosers like Jess now? She's the shit and you know it!

    Love ya girl!

  5. Anonymous12/12/2008

    Jess, I love your blog, thank you for sharing. You have always been amazingly smart and talented. I have all confidence in you! Keep being the wonderful, beautiful, loving person that you are. We need to get together soon. Love, KY