Sunday, December 07, 2008

Someone has gone some 'splainin' to do...

A few months ago our esteemed Governor Charlie Crist took a 12-day trip to Europe for business purposes, which cost a whopping $430,000. He took his fiancee, her sister, 9 bodyguards, a photographer, 65 Florida business executives, e people tied to the sugar industry, and he probably carried along a few assistants/secretaries.His personal expenses were $30,000 were not charged to state dollars rather paid for by business execs.

That total of $430K averages about $35,000 per day!

Of that $430K, the nine bodyguards racked up a tab of more than $148,000 on meals, hotels, and transportation.

That's roughly $1370 per day per bodyguard!

I'd love to hear the excuse for that one! I think we're owed an explanation of why that trip cost so much.

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