Saturday, December 27, 2008

Felix the cat goes to the vet...

As you know, Felix is the domestic shorthair kitty kat who chose our property as his new home. We call him Felix because well--he looks like a Felix. We got him into a carrier (my goodness that kitty has a set of vocal cords!) on the morning after Christmas and took him to the folks at Suwannee Oaks Animal Clinic (here's a shoutout to our favorite vet of nearly 30 years!!). He got a physical, bloodwork testing for feline leukemia and AIDS and he was neutered. The vet staff said he is in perfect health!

Vin picked him up from the vet several hours later and when he got him home we let him out and into one of the spare bedrooms with the door closed. He looked around a bit, fell over here and there because he was still drugged up, but otherwise he recovered really well. He was so cute, let us pick him up and snuggle with him. Normally he lets us pet him, he meows and does his little rolling around routine, but this time he let us do whatever else we wanted with him LOL. Yes, it was the drugs LOL. Good drugs too!

We let him outside the next day and ever since he's been coming back regularly (as he did before) to eat and drink and play a little. It would be nice if we could foster him inside until we find someone to adopt him but Peeps and Pebs won't have it. So until then I've got to make sure we keep an eye out for him, that no harm comes to him.

The vet said that Felix is about 12-14 months old, we knew he was young but not that young. I think he'd be terrific around people and other cats who are non-aggressive and not all that territorial. If you could see him in person, he's so adorable, I mean you look at him and you just want to take him home, seriously. But everyone I talk to has a pretty good reason why they can't take him. All I need is someone with one good reason why they can! I've emailed everyone I know with the flyer and I'm going to post them at publix and around town. I would like to adopt him out to someone I know that way I can see him. I mean, we've gotten attached to him, and well we just want to know something about the people who adopt him.

We're willing to transport him to get him to a good home. We'd go as far north as Savannah, as far west as Tallahassee, and as far south as Sebring so that covers pretty good territory. But I'm hoping someone here in our own backyard (so to speak) will want him.

Think good thoughts will ya?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hi my name is Jess and I'm addicted to...


and it is so pathetic.

Oh it isn't just me, everyone I've sent the URL to is now addicted. Just when you think you finally found the "it" picture, the "one" that is the funniest damn one you've ever seen...along comes one on the next page that has you laughing so hard you either pee your pants, spew (insert current drink of choice) on your computer screen, or both.

I showed this to a coworker one day, we look at a few pics, she's laughing, I go back to my office, then two hours later I go back down to see her and she's on page 27....the problem is there's a nearly INFINITE number of pages of these cat pics!

And this is just "LOL Cats" I haven't even visited "LOL Dogs" yet!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another slimy collection agency on the prowl...

Progressive Management Systems 1-866-767-8320 bills itself as a collection agency however what they really do is continuously harass (illegally I might add) unsuspecting law-abiding citizens demanding to speak with someone who may or may not live there, demanding payment for a bill which may or may not be valid, and insisting that the person they are calling give them a social security number so they can validate whether or not the person they've called is the person they're looking for.

This company is contacting my parents by phone constantly asking for my mother but giving a Miami address. We haven't lived in Miami in nearly 30 years! My father told these people they have the wrong number, wrong person, and asks them to identify themselves and they refuse to do that and continue to call. They also demand my dad give them mom's social security number so they can verify it's NOT her! My father of course refuses and they get nasty with him and so dad called me...because he knows I thrive on blogging about cons like this.

Progressive Management Systems is an agency with offices in Massachusetts, Nevada and California. They has been sued on several occasions in regards to their violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), one of the few pieces of legislation designed to protect we the citizens against companies like Progressive. There are the cases of Eddie Wayne Hutchison v. Progressive Management Systems, Inc., Homay v. Progressive Management Systems, Inc. , and Dileo v. Progressive Management Services.

A search of the Nevada Secretary of State Corporate Records shows that the company is also known as "R.M. Galicia, Inc" and Tim Banta is Director and President. The Treasurer is Rodolfo Galicia and the Secretary is William Gutierrez. Their address is listed as 1521 W. Cameron Ave, 1st Floor, Covina, CA 91790. The phone number is (626) 813-6200

R.M. Galicia is listed as a "foreign corporation" and they have also been sued for violation of the FDCPA as in Homay v. R.M. Galicia, Keeling v. R.M. Galicia, Hyman v. Verizon Wireless LLC and R.M. Galicia, Rivas v. R.M. Galicia, Buchanan v. R.M. Galicia, Woodward v. R.M. Galicia, Gibson v. R.M. Galicia, and Dawson v. R.M. Galicia....just to name a few.

If you really want to piss some people there off, you can always contact Kristina Cabral, Client Liaison at PMS. Her number is 800-258-7482 ext 6109 and her email is or you can contact Michelle Taylor at ext 6006. Her email is

Do some research online for these two companies, the complaints are endless.

If you're contacted by PMS, this is what you do--tell them to stop calling you. If they continue, send them a certified letter w/return receipt requesting to cease calls. File a a complaint with the attorney general in your state and file a complaint with the federal trade commission. Click here for the FTC's complaint site, they walk you through it, it's very simple!

The bottom line is they are crooks who make their money attempting to scare people into paying debts that are either not owed, never existed, or past the statute of limitations. This is fraud and citizens have rights. The only way to put these people out of business is for the people they prey upon to do something about it!

Anyway when I dig up more I'll let you know...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Crucifix offensive to Muslims?

Before you get all up in arms, remember there are many a good Muslim who are not at all offended by Christian customs.......this is just an overly protective PC move by British officials.

According to this story, a British prison has banned the crucifix in a newly built chapel so as to avoid offending Muslim inmates. According to a source: "On one side of the room there are heated foot baths for the Muslim inmates, but on the other side there is this silly little movable alter that can be hidden away at a moment’s notice."

Why would it be necessary to hide an altar in a moment's notice?

I think there's a huge misconception about what mainstream Muslims believe about Jesus. Muslims do not see Jesus as having been an infidel. In fact, in Islam, Jesus is believed to be a messenger of God who was sent to guide the children of Israel. Muslims also believe Jesus was born of a virgin and that the birth was miraculous. They believe that he ascended alive into Heaven, but they do not believe he was crucified. Muslims do not believe in the Trinity, that Jesus is the son of God, rather they believe him to have been a prophet. They also believe Jesus will come back someday and defeat the antichrist.

The crucifix was left out this prison chapel at the suggestion of an Imam, a Muslim spiritual leader. It seems crazy that any spiritual leader of any religion would be so intolerant of the beliefs of others. This means either the idea of having a crucifix in the chapel is being blown out of proportion by the usual ultra-sensitive and overly PC Brits or---the Imam is not really a spiritual leader at all, but a hate-mongering, religious fanatic. Take your pick.

All I can say is that a multitude of religions exist on this earth and it's time that all faiths were respected or we respect none at all.

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Illinois license plate slogan...

"Illinois...only three of the last eight governors actually served prison time, the rest were acquitted!"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now that I'm on my way...

Well, I'm finished with one college degree and moving on to another. I'm an "A" student with a 3.64 GPA and graduating with honors and accepted to one of the best Universities in the country, having earned straight A's in the courses required for admission. I beat the pants off other students in my major courses with my critical thinking and writing skills. You gotta love it when you're the one who sets the curve for the course!

And to think---back in that small rural high school, people didn't like me because I wasn't like them.

To think there were teachers who didn't believe in me and thought I wouldn't amount to anything because I got into trouble a few times.

To think about how many of my schoolmates treated me----the ones who wouldn't sit with me on the school bus, didn't invite me to spend the night at their house, didn't want to go to the prom or dances with me, shunned me because I didn't wear the latest designer clothes, didn't join all the cool clubs, wasn't an athlete, cheerleader or in the band, and didn't participate in beauty pageants.

And there were the boys who used to ridicule me publicly, calling me names and embarassing me when I did stupid things to get into trouble. And ahh yes, the girls with their noses stuck up in the air because they were supposedly better than me. They were the popular gals who were cheerleaders, played sports, wore the nice clothes, had the cool boyfriends, drove their own cars, and I envied them.

Oh, and the parent of a friend who forbid her daughters to hang out with me because I was a "bad influence" because I did a few stupid things. They couldn't even stand next to me in the lunch line. I wasn't violent, never did drugs or alcohol, just stupid kid stuff, not the kind of stuff to rub off on others. She didn't like me yet her kids were doing stupid things too.

It wasn't until my senior year that I felt I was accepted. I was editor of the school paper, joined the yearbook staff, people read my stuff, they liked it. And then we graduated and all was forgotten.

Until ten years later at the first reunion when suddenly everyone was talking to me, they liked me. They liked my military service, they thought I was pretty, they could see I was nice and I was smart. To them I was somebody. For me, I was just being me, but they were seeing someone they never saw before, someone they never wanted to see before.

And now it's been over twenty years and I've since been over it. My friends Susan, Jeanette and KY have discussed our younger days in school, when they were popular and I wasn't, and how they all had their own share of problems like I did, only who knew? They were among what I call "the nice kids", they never mocked me, or anyone else. You remember people like that. When we became friends years later, it was meant to be for they are very dear to me and I to them.

What's past is past and I look back now and think how silly we all acted back then!

But despite getting over the past, which I have done, there's something I must do, that I've always wanted to do, and now I can. It's something I must say to all the others--the ones who thought they were better than me. Call it payback!

I know Susan, KY, and Jeanette, my dear friends, who know me all too well will understand why I must do it, just once....for me...

Monday, December 08, 2008

You're going to be sorry...

I'm not really sure who the "you" is, but I think it refers to all of us. After reading the latest about the new "car czar" I am left wondering why there is no "banking czar" or "wall street czar". After all if we need someone to watch the automakers and make sure they're not abusing their bailout funds, shouldn't there be one for all of the others?

The corporations receiving bailout funds are going to regret it. The government will be up their ass and there's not a damn thing they'll be able to do about it. I don't know that pumping more money into an already failing company is the right thing to do. When a company performs poorly there's a reason. It's either due to people not having enough money to buy the product, overproduction, underproduction, poor investments, lack of productivity, prices set too high, bad management....the list goes on and on.

I'm no economist but I believe there are two things that must be done before more money should be poured into a failing business. The first is to take a good hard look at why the business if failing, the second is to come up with a plan to save it. Only when there is a viable plan in writing should further investment be considered.

Would you pour your hard-earned money into a business if it didn't take those steps first? No, you wouldn't.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Someone has gone some 'splainin' to do...

A few months ago our esteemed Governor Charlie Crist took a 12-day trip to Europe for business purposes, which cost a whopping $430,000. He took his fiancee, her sister, 9 bodyguards, a photographer, 65 Florida business executives, e people tied to the sugar industry, and he probably carried along a few assistants/secretaries.His personal expenses were $30,000 were not charged to state dollars rather paid for by business execs.

That total of $430K averages about $35,000 per day!

Of that $430K, the nine bodyguards racked up a tab of more than $148,000 on meals, hotels, and transportation.

That's roughly $1370 per day per bodyguard!

I'd love to hear the excuse for that one! I think we're owed an explanation of why that trip cost so much.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rewarding bad decision-making...

I don't even know what to say about this story....but I'm glad the gals at one of my favorite sites posted it. I needed to be pissed off about something today.

But it is nice to know that our hard-earned tax dollars go to support such stupidity and lack of common sense.

FLINT, Michigan -- With 10 kids and no vehicle, Latrica Ryan is used to juggling.

Going to a movie or out for dinner is a like plotting a major tactical undertaking. Not that such outings happen that much.

"It would really be nice if I could take my kids where they needed to go, instead of having to find them a ride," Ryan said. "And when we do go somewhere, I have to pay four or five people (for gas) to get us all there.

"I have booster seats and car seats. It's a lot."

Ryan, is a 29-year-old single stay-at-home mother of five sons and five daughters, who range in age from 2 months to 13 years."

You can click on the link above for the story, I just can't post anymore, it just ticks me off. I mean here we are shocked and angry that the government is bailing out corporations for mistakes they have made, but they've been doing it all along with the "common people". By giving Latrica Ryan, the poor mother of ten children a handout for the past ten years, they have essentially encouraged her to have more children. She figures once she has the children, other people can help her take care of them.

It's pathetic.