Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Tim in Los Angeles...

Dear Tim,

I appreciate you taking the time to post on my blog today in reference to my post in December 2006 regarding my defective Office Depot chair.

In case you can't remember what you wrote, I'll remind you:


People like you make me sick! Office Depot could give you two replacement chairs free of charge and you would still be a disgruntled customer because of the responses they have given to you up to this point! Loose a few pounds, I'm sure your next chair will be much happier.


Well Tim, let me first say I'm so sorry that you didn't grow up with a father figure to teach you how to properly treat women with respect and consideration. I'm sorry that your family and the public school system failed to teach you the ABC's of common decency and respect to your fellow human beings. You obviously have problems working and playing well with others.

I'll admit at first your comment irritated me because there are some pretty nasty men out there who, in attempt to feel powerful and manly, use comments about a woman's weight or her looks, to make her feel inferior. It's an age-old game. Because you know women can be sensitive about that one thing, it's what you go for first and afterwards you can stand tall feel good about yourself.

Well, Tim, you're not a man, in fact you're far from it because a real man doesn't behave like that. At first I was angry at you, now I just feel sorry for you. Why? Because if this is the way you act towards people you don't even know, God knows how you treat the people you do know. You probably don't respect women, can't keep a relationship, and you are probably a very lonely person. If you do have friends, they are likely not the kind of friends that are decent and respectable. And it is very likely you have no one to look up to as a role model to show you an example of a real man.

Look, you don't have to be mean to people to feel empowered. The best way for a man to be empowered is by taking the life God gave him and doing something constructive and productive with it. If you're angry, channel that anger into something positive, use it to do some good. If you're hurt, talk to a counselor. If you're lonely, make friends. You don't have to resort to degrading people to feel powerful.

You will probably laugh this off, which is fine, it's your loss. But I'm here to tell you that the women of America (and around the world) a tired of men like you insulting them. The days of men like you making women feel inferior is over. The game is up, you lose. Time to move on.

Good luck getting your shit together, you're gonna need it.

On behalf of women everywhere...



  1. Anonymous1/25/2009

    As usual you nailed it. I don't think I could have said it any better myself. What a jerk, I hope he doesn't come back here.


  2. There's only 1 reason for men to act like that....small penis!

  3. AH yes another male that suffers from penis envy to say the least. Comments likehis are so OLD and carry no power whatsoever, but in his pea brain he thinks that it's the greatest joke and dig in the world! If he didn't he would have used what little brain cells were granted to him by evolution to actually say something worth reading.

    He's just pissed off that he didn't think of getting a replacement chair first. LOSER.

  4. He most likely had an overbearing mother while he was growing up, who never let him open his mouth to speak his opinions. It's an old story & not a pretty one. I know men today who are exactly like this, and they'll never grow up, they spend their time berating the women in their lives. making everyone miserable. He definitely needs some counseling.

  5. Anonymous1/27/2009

    Sounds like somebody needs an ass whoopin...


  6. Anonymous1/28/2009

    There is a misognyist on every corner -- just hope you don't marry one are you are in for a life of "fat jokes" and put downs. Sometime you gotta cheer for the Bobbit chick.

  7. Amazing that he took the time out of his busy day watching porn and sending in illegal xeroxed copies of his Publisher's clearing house entry form to comment on your month old post. I think we all know you better than that (as much as you can know any blogger by their writings) to imagine that you'd complain about something like that chair frivolously. I love the fact you showcased his stupidity with it's own post. Kind of like, "World's dumbest criminals", only you could call it, "Bloggings lamest asshole commenters".

    I expect a kickback when you take this public.