Saturday, January 03, 2009

Felix has a new home but we need good thoughts...

I am really upset and I have to just talk about it.

I was hoping DH and I would find Felix a good home, and especially hoping it would be with someone we knew and Susan came through for us. Her mom and stepdad wanted to take him because they love animals and would enjoy having an indoor/outdoor cat not to mention he might be helpful in keeping the mice away. It's a house with forty acres behind it, a cook house, and a large barn, it's a cat's dream!

Last night I sat on the back porch and petted him for about an hour and told him all about his new home and how they are great people who love animals. And then he excused himself and ran off to do whatever cats do at night.

Well the plan was for Susan to come over to the house today to pick up Felix and take him over to her mom and stepdad's. Well Felix didn't show up this morning, in fact it wasn't until about 4 pm. He showed up on the porch, DH picked him up, brought him in the house and I fed him and there he meowed a bit and made some typical Felix noise but he was calm (while he was meowing he let me pet him!) and then he ate some food and let me pet him and stroke him and he rolled on the floor, he was being so silly.

Well Susan showed up, he was so nice with her, never pulling away and she was petting him and he was so sweet, I knew this would be a good thing. I offered her my cat carrier, but she had a cardboard cat box the vet had given her, you know it's got handles and large holes in it. We put Felix in there, she put him in her minivan and they took off. I didn't hear anything so I thought all was well.

Finally I call Susan an hour ago and she told me what happened. On her way to her mom's house which is only a few miles from our house, Felix clawed through the box, then wandered about the van, finally settling on the dashboard and meowing. When she got to her mom's house, she had Felix in her arms but up came April running from the house to greet Susan. Felix didn't know April was there, April didn't know Susan had a cat in her arms. Well Felix had a fit, scratched Susan's arms and stomach and got away and ran up a tree. They thought maybe if Susan coaxed him down with some food on a ladder that might help but instead, Felix jumped down and ran into the forty acre field behind the house.

They watched him walk around the field, he was sniffing and seemed to be calmed down. Susan's stepdad knows animals and his feeling is that Felix will calm down and when he gets hungry he'll show up at the barn where they have his food, which is where he initially ran away from.

They were so excited about having this new member of their family, what a way to begin it eh?

I asked Susan if I should go over to her mom's house and call Felix, he's used to my voice but Susan didn't think it would do any good because Felix probably does not want to be upset more right now. I told her to give her mom my number and if he shows up to call me. I just want to know he's ok. Susan said after church tomorrow she could meet me at her mom's and we could go find him, but that's not till 2 pm, I can't wait that long. I'd be over there in the morning if need be.

Poor Susan, she felt so bad, but honestly it wasn't her fault (and Susan I know you're reading this, it was NOT your fault girlfriend!!). And then I was crying and then she felt worse. She said she should have taken my advice and used my carrier, the plan was to take him into the barn and let him loose there. I told her that she shouldn't blame herself, because she did her best to help get him to his new home. But then I started to cry on the phone thinking about poor Felix out there alone in the dark and not knowing where he was. She asked if I'd be ok when I got off the phone cause we had both calmed down and talked ourselves into the idea he'd be ok. I mean he's right there behind the house right? Sure...and when he gets calmed down he'll wander about looking for food and his food is right there at the barn.

DH seems to think that Felix will be ok. Susan and I convinced ourselves he will be ok, well we convinced ourselves for the time being anyway. Cats are very smart as we all know. I have to believe he's smart enough to just go to the barn where he sees people and smells food...he just has to....

Our biggest fear is that he doesn't return to their house because he doesn't know where he's at. But he'll see and hear people and he's right behind the house, cats are smart and THIS cat is extremely smart. So Iv'e got to think he'll be ok.

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  1. Remember, Felix was on his own before he found you, I'm sure he'll be fine until he gets used to his new home.