Friday, January 02, 2009

Great family treasures...

One of my distant cousins Kyle Sanna sent me the photo below of my Sanna family. That is one of the earliest pics of the family. The young lady on the left of the photo is my great grandmother Giuseppa "Josephine" (we all called her Nonna), the woman to her left I think is Anna Romano Sanna, the man in the middle my great great grandfather Filippo Leone Sanna aka "Papa Leone", to his left are two of his sons, the oldest--Antonio Raphaelo "Anthony" Sanna and the youngest--Pasqualino aka "Douglas" Sanna.

What is amazing is that in this picture my grandmother May in her youth (and now!) is the spitting image of her mother in that photo.

Here are some of our family photos. Do you notice just how much my grandmother and her mother look alike?

Grams in Brooklyn in the 40's

Grams and her mother Nonna in Brooklyn in the 40's. Grams is still around in her 90's.

Mi familia at the summer placee in the Poconos in 1944. That's my great grandma Nonna, my grandmother's sister Jeanine who is still alive and kicking in her 80's, her father Thomas Gaetano Mangiere (he died suddenly in 1946) , then there's my Aunt Jo Ann and finally my grams holding her.

Here's my grams and gramps in the Poconos. You know, my grandmother was always a beautiful woman and so was her mother Nonna but it wasn't until I saw that young picture of Nonna that I realized how beautiful the Sanna & Mangiere women in our family really were.


  1. I love old pics like these! I sure gotta say that the Sanna family had some lovely ladies in it. You definitely got some good genes passed down to ya!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Anonymous1/02/2009

    It's awesome to have pictures like that of your family. I love seeing them. But with names like that I do have to ask--is there any mob connections going on here or is it safe for you to talk;-)ST

  3. Well my dear, if I tell you I might have to take you for a ride Sopranos style LOL...

    I can tell you that my great grandmother's brother Antonio was sent to America by his father (my great great grandfather Papa Leone) to keep him safe before the family arrived because he (Antonio) had nailed the son of a local Sicilian "Don" to the door by his ear!

    And I can tell you that the closest I've come to the mafia is being related to James Gandolfini LOL.

  4. I printed out the photo you sent to me, on good glossy photo paper and brought it over to Gram's house. She was thrilled to see it because she said she didn't remember seeing pictures of her grandfather when he was that young. Also, she said that's not Douglas, but probably Anthony's son. We'll find out more if we can get Auntie Nina's opinion, she remembers quite a bit about the family.

    As far as us having ties to the Mafia, I would think Gramps (my dad) probably had acquaintances in his youth, you know how adventurous he was.