Thursday, January 22, 2009

I don't quite think this is what JFK had in mind...

...when he talked about passing the torch to a new generation---

These two racists who call themselves artists, named Jay-Z and Young Jeezy are unfortunately a huge influence upon young people in America today, especially young boys who aspire to be like them. What they are however is a disgrace to everything America stands for. These rappers represent nothing but hate and fear, they feed on it to line their pockets with money and to live the lavish lifestyle. The people who cheer them on are just as low-class as they are.

It's crap like this from assholes like this that causes racial tension in America.

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  1. Anonymous1/22/2009

    I didn't even get beyond the first minute of that clip. They are vulgar and ignorant. God help anyone who idolizes fools like that.~ST