Monday, January 19, 2009


I haven't been able to talk about this much lately but I figured I'd let everyone know who followed the Felix saga with us...

If you've been catching up here you've no doubt read my posts about Felix the cat, (click on that link and read not just this post but the previous ones!) who showed up at our house out of the blue a few months ago. I loved Felix, there was just something special about him. Every animal has its own unique personality and Felix was no different. He'd come to me when I called him through the woods (where he slept all day!) and he'd have this special "meeeoooow" and he would play and roll for me. He was so cute.

I'm sad to tell you that Felix is gone. He died a few days ago. We had placed him in a loving home with my best pal Susan's mom and stepdad and he was happy there, they are good people who love animals. He was only a few miles away of course I wanted to go visit him often but DH would laugh and say "I don't think so, you never know, Felix might find his way back into our car!!" LOL. Well he enjoyed his home, got used to hanging out in the barn, getting to know his new parents who he just loved, and adjusting to the good life. Susan's folks wanted him to be an indoor-outdoor cat but as you know it takes time for a cat to get used to being indoors.

Well last Thursday morning, Susan's daughter Lauren was on her way to school and passed her grandparents house and she found Felix laying in the road, dead. Apparently he did something he never did before and that's cross the road. He didn't make it. Susan's folks gave him a proper burial. I am so glad it was Lauren who found him and they were able to bury him right away. We were all very hurt by his death because well--he was special. And he'll always be a part of us but not just Vin and me but also Susan and her folks, and of course Lauren.

Here is one of the videos I took of him while he was still with us before we found him his new home.

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  1. Anonymous1/21/2009

    That was such a great post. Felix was without a doubt one of the most lovable kitties I've ever met. (He didn't much care for dogs!) It is so sad, but he touched our hearts in the short time we had him.~ST