Sunday, January 04, 2009

Well Susan and I can breathe a sigh of relief...

Susan called me bright and early this morning to let me know that Felix had eaten last night! Her mom put out some moist and dry food and he ate some of the moist food and they spotted him in the pasture hanging out there. So the good news is that he ate and that he didn't run away. I am very happy indeed. And now he'll see Susan's stepdad Lamar out at the barn every day and he'll get used to it and know he's in a safe place with people who will love him and take care of him.

Susan asks me this morning "how did I ever get dragged into your cat saga?"

Well my dear you've known me for what---23 years, it was bound to happen eventually. You've got to let KY know what's going on, I can picture her laughing about it!


  1. See? Didn't I tell you this would have a happy ending?

  2. Anonymous1/04/2009

    1) Thank God Felix is okay. I didn't sleep well last night. I was worried about him and I was worried about you. I could convince myself that Felix was a smart kitty and I personnally know he has the abliity to defend himself;)However, I couldn't convince myself that you would be able to sleep a wink last night. I was so relieved to hear he had come up to eat last night and was still lurking around.

    2) There is no way in the world I want to share this experience with KY. She is going to kill me for not taking one of her many babies!

    3) You should come with a warning label. "Warning: Hanging around with Jessica will result in a wild cat fight and rescue mission."

    I just talked to my mom. Lamar sees little kitty paw prints all over the place at the barn, but he isn't showing himself yet. I'll keep you updated.~ST

  3. Anonymous1/04/2009

    Felix has decided to make himself at home. He came out of hiding and visited with Mom for half an hour tonight. He just rubbed up against her legs and rolled all over her feet while she pet him. All the time doing his trademark "Meow". She gave him some more food and sat there with him while he ate. I guess it's true: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. At any rate, I know several people who are going to sleep much better tonight.~ST