Friday, February 27, 2009

It's no wonder I'm nuts...

I have lots of dreams with the following recurring nearly all the time...

1) I am at my parents house here. While they live in the house they live in now, they have a house they are building just behind it, that is somewhat expansive. Hard to explain but it takes up a lot of square footage while being very simple, one-story, it's just a lot of room. The house seems to be large, a maze, never quite completed, but it has roof, walls, floor...

2) I can't find my car and it's usually my old Pontiac Grand Am that I used to own. It was my favorite car. I can never find the car.

3) When I am trying to find my car I am usually at my old high school. I thought I parked in front but I wound up parking way in the back near the football field.

4) I am at my parents house and I need to go to work but there aren't enough vehicles. My brother and sister live there and they need to use the car too.

Many of my dreams revolve around cars.

Here's something new that's popping up.

I was in my old bedroom in my parents house and a squirrel was storing acorns up near the ceiling in the closet. I actually got to pick up one of the squirrels, it was a real little one. It bit me but I figured young squirrels don't have rabies. I tried to seal up the hole but it kept coming back in.

I think this stems from the fact that just after our landlord spent $1361 so we could repair a wall in one of our bathrooms due to a former leaky ceiling which ruined the wall. Once we had the wall off inside and out, the repair man noticed something ELSE---a huge hole in the floor under the tub and around the pipe coming out of the tub. Seems the asshole manufacturers never sealed it when they built the place and a squirrel found it and made it his home, storing thousands of acorns there and making a general ruckus at night driving Pebbles crazy. Now we see that some insulation under our other bathroom is torn out and we hear noises and we're pretty sure squirrels are in there too.

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